Why Security is Important for Your Salon

Why Security is Important for Your Salon


After a long week of work, running errands and dealing with the stresses of everyday life, a trip to the salon is most welcomed. It’s a place where tensions tend to melt away and stresses disappear. As a salon operator, you know your clientele look forward to their appointments all week. That’s why it is vital you provide only the most relaxing and safe atmosphere possible. You have invested in expert staff, great equipment and incredible products, but have you considered your security? If not here are four reasons securing your salon should be a top priority.

Protecting your customers’ valuables

Your clients won’t be showing up to their appointments empty-handed. They will have purses, wallets, phones and other valuables they entrust will be safe while they are enjoying your salon. Securing your salon with a complete system with CCTV can provide the type of protection you need. The mere presence of cameras alone can deter many would-be thieves but if a crime does occur, you’ll also have  footage to pinpoint who committed the offense.

Preventing off-hours theft of equipment and products

Your salon most likely has a variety of expensive pieces of equipment and incredible products that are in high demand. This is not a fact lost on thieves. It’s enough to motivate you to stay at your salon 24/7 but that’s not possible. That’s where a quality security solution comes in. You can’t always be present to protect your salon but a security system with CCTV can. When you have the right system in place, your investments can remain safe and you can get some much-needed sleep.

Prevent employee theft

Your expensive products and equipment aren’t just tempting to outside thieves, but they are also enticing to employees. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a staggering 75% of employees claim to have stolen from an employer at least once. You want to trust your employees, but you also want to err on the side of safety. Prior to hiring perform thorough background checks and verify references. Additionally, invest in a quality security solution that can help prevent employee abuses.

Protect your customers’ identities

Your salon has a treasure trove of information that is valuable identity thieves. From credit card numbers to addresses to phone numbers, your business has enough information to create a real identity headache for your clients. Ensure that this sensitive information is protected properly on secure computers and hard copies are safely out of sight under lockdown.

When you have the proper security measures in place you are providing an even more relaxing experience for your customers.  When they see that you are taking proper security measures to protect their valuables and information, they will want to come back time and again.

February 07,2020

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