Why Restaurants Should Use Video Surveillance

Why Restaurants Should Use Video Surveillance


A restaurant security system in Birmingham is critical to the success and safety of your restaurant. Security cameras are excellent investments to deter crime and keep employees productive. Here is why restaurants should use video surveillance.

Decreased Workplace Violence

Studies revealed that as of 2011, 17 percent of fatal work injuries happened due to violence in the workplace. This equates to 780 fatal work injuries per year. By having security camera installation in Birmingham, it will dissuade employees from engaging in violent acts and also assists law enforcement with solving crimes. The video footage is a great way to accurately identify those who were responsible.

Prevent Vandalism

Having restaurant security cameras in Chattanooga can help to prevent vandalism to your building. With restaurants, they can also happen inside. When individuals see the cameras, they are unlikely to participate in vandalism. Additionally, if they pursue with the vandalism, you will have the video footage to help with prosecution.

Monitor Multiple Locations

If you own or operate multiple restaurants, you have the ability to monitor multiple locations online. Having the ability to monitor multiple locations without the requirements of physically being there aids you in being more efficient with your time. You can quickly check in at your convenience and no one will be aware that you are watching.

Prevent Theft

There is a heightened risk of theft at restaurants. These businesses operate at a fast pace and it can be challenging to monitor everything that’s going on with just one pair of eyes. Having video surveillance installed will immediately reduce the amount of theft. When cameras are carefully positioned, it dissuades dine and dash customers and can also assist with settling disputes between patrons and your staff.

Essential Areas for Surveillance

The Parking Lot: As a restaurant owner, you must make sure that you safeguard all of your bases. The parking lot that is associated with your restaurant is your responsibility. Having reliable security cameras in your parking lot can assist with discouraging break-ins, burglaries, and parking lot fights. The Dining Area: It best to have at least one camera in the main dining area. This allows you to monitor your employees and customers to ensure everything is running smoothly and that everyone is safe. If something does happen, you will have the video evidence to back it up. The Kitchen: Even though the front of the area is very busy, you will want to make sure that the back of the restaurant is safeguarded too. The quality of the food and the cooking process should be monitored and this makes having security cameras in the kitchen a necessity. Point of Sales: At any business location, an area where transactions take place has critical importance. Video surveillance that points directly at the cash registers helps to keep your staff safe from theft since the cameras serve as a deterrent to crime. This also helps to decrease the amount of employee theft.

Recommended Restaurant Security Cameras

Ultra HD 4K: The detailed resolution enables you to identify facial features and other elements. If something occurs, you will have the evidence you need. The system is a simple plug and play installation and you will be able to customize the security design of your restaurant. Remote Viewing: You may be on the go at times and have multiple locations that need your attention. You will be able to view live video streams from your mobile phone. Having remote access from your mobile phone enables you to monitor and manage cameras at multiple locations simultaneously. If you would like to learn more about how video surveillance can help your restaurant, give the professionals at Edge CCTV a call.

February 18,2019

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