Why It’s Time to Launch a Security Audit for Your Business

Why It’s Time to Launch a Security Audit for Your Business


Why It’s Time to Launch a Security Audit for Your Business 

You can never be too thorough when it comes to your business security. A security audit is one of the most efficient ways to evaluate the integrity of your security, so long as you perform it properly.

It’s important that you launch a security audit for your business with a team of professionals that can help you uncover vulnerabilities and risks and define appropriate security solutions. To that end, the end-to-end surveillance system and service professionals at Edge CCTV, Inc. are here to quickly run you through the biggest reasons to launch a security audit for your business.

Uncover Security Vulnerabilities and Risks

A proper security audit quickly and accurately determines any security-related vulnerabilities and threats to your business. You need to get together with your team of security and surveillance pros to determine the number and extent of security risks to things such as your business’s devices and networks as well as its physical security.

Constant monitoring of your security systems is also essential to regularly spotting security risks. At Edge CCTV, we provide security camera installation services and will even continue to monitor the health of the systems we install. This way, you get the freedom you need to keep growing your business without worrying about security risks and threats that are right under your nose.

Law Compliance

A regular series of security audits not only keeps you abreast with the risks and vulnerabilities facing your infrastructure; it also keeps you compliant with mandates such as information security laws. 

When you undergo a security audit, you need to ensure that all data you store in your systems comply with laws such as HIPAA and the GDPR. Compliance with these laws makes it clear that you understand how to adhere to data protection standards when it comes to gathering, storing, and retrieving sensitive information.

Define Security Policies

There’s a lot of data that you’re responsible for storing on your systems. As such, you need the appropriate security policies to apply to your sets of data. 

Periodic security audits are essential to devising, implementing, and iterating upon security policies that you apply on a granular level. Security policies that apply to your sets of data should vary based on the category and sensitivity of the information you store in your systems. End-to-end security professionals like those at Edge CCTV understand how to create and apply various security policies on a detailed level to improve the speed of your audits and better categorize your data.

Find Appropriate Security Solutions

Custom security solutions make it easier for businesses to manage their employee performance effectively while preventing potentially costly losses. Edge CCTV offers custom security solutions as part of our auditing services such as the latest in wireless technology, DVR, and IP camera technology. 

Our solutions have proved to countless businesses in the Marietta, GA area that custom solutions not only improve the security of your business — they also enhance every other aspect of your day-to-day business processes.

Launch a Security Audit With Edge CCTV, Inc. 

Your business deserves security solutions and installation services that create a better, safer working environment for both you and your customers. If you aren’t regularly auditing your security to prevent profit loss and maintain the integrity of your sensitive data, the time to start is now.

Launch a series of regular security audits for your Marietta, GA-based business with a team of professionals who understand end-to-end security and surveillance inside and out. Schedule a demo today by giving us a call at 678-883-0999 or message us on our contact page to receive a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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