Why is Technology Important in Healthcare?

Why is Technology Important in Healthcare?


Technology’s influence on our society seems quite undeniable. From the computer you use at work to the smartphone that allows you to stay connected to anyone in the world to something as simple as paying for gas at the pump. Advancements in technology over the decades have completely shaped a new modern world that makes almost anything seem possible. And there is no area that has been impacted more by this forward movement than healthcare. So why is technology so important in the medical field? Here are four big reasons why tech is essential in healthcare.

Accessible digital records

The digitization of records has made it possible for a physician or patient to quickly access important medical information with nothing more than a few keystrokes. A patient can be thousands of miles from home and still check on outstanding bloodwork results or the findings from another crucial test. This ease of access enables physicians to share information that can be vital in treating a patient and possibly saving a life.

Improved communication

In the past communicating with your family physician meant picking up the phone and calling their office. Now with smartphone technology, a tap of a finger can open an app that allows you to connect directly with your doctor in mere seconds. In some cases, a medical issue can be solved without the patient even leaving her home.

Better security

The information that can be found at a physician’s office is beyond monetary value. Digital and physical records need to be monitored for security threats 24 hours per day. Security devices such as CCTV make it possible for an office to be actively scanned for threats day and night. Comparatively to the advancements in communication, utilizing CCTV and other security features can be as easy as picking up a smartphone. Technology has made it possible to lockdown this sensitive information so patients and physicians alike can set their minds at ease.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of wearable technology is fitness tracking, but these devices can also help save lives. This technology can be utilized to monitor heartrate, sleep schedules and physical fitness levels but they are capable of so much more. These small but powerful devices have already helped detect serious illnesses in patients and progress in this emerging technology will enable them to check glucose counts in diabetes patients and even monitor UVA and UVB skin exposure.

Technology has already impacted the medical field in countless positive ways and with new cutting-edge discoveries occurring daily, the role of tech in healthcare will only grow.

December 27,2019

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