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Why CCTV Will Change Your Small Business

Unfortunately, many small business owners think video surveillance is only for large operations. You know, the big guys, who can invest tons of money into their security. Luckily, this belief is untrue. There are CCTV systems for all budgets, and the benefits of implementing such solutions are many. Finding a video surveillance system that fits your business perfectly, can be transformative. It sounds good, right? But exactly how can CCTV change your small business? We’ll take a look at four ways this incredible technology can change the way you do business.

Improve work/life balance

How can implementing a CCTV system provide you with more time away from your office or place of business? Simple. It allows you to look in without being physically there. Remote access provides the means to check on your operation without leaving your home. Not to mention the peace of mind you will have when enabled to either watch or review, footage anytime and anywhere. You can even ensure everything is running smoothly while you are at the beach. Talk about improved work/life balance.

Reduce employee theft

According to Hiscox Insurance, 68% of employee theft cases take place at either small- or medium-sized businesses. And considering the same study revealed that this employee theft costs an average of 1.13 million to these businesses, it’s a real issue. Although completely ridding your business of employee theft may be impossible, CCTV can greatly reduce the impacts of this bottom-line killing crime. CCTV does this twofold, by preventing crime in the first place and by providing video evidence. So, if the specter of being watched by a camera isn’t enough to dissuade employees from nefarious activities, the video proof can take care of the rest.

A safer workplace

You want the safest workplace possible for your employees and customers, and CCTV can deliver.  Having access to video surveillance enables you to help prevent accidents before they happen. And if an emergency does occur, the additional assistance to guide you to a safe resolution.

Improved productivity

No matter how hard you try, you can’t be present at your small business 24/7. And as many business owners know, while they are away, employees can occasionally see this as a time to cut down production. Enter CCTV. The knowledge that a video surveillance system is enabled alone, can provide pause before loafing on the job.

As you see, there are many benefits to adding a CCTV system to your small business. If you are not quite sure you are ready to take the plunge, contact us, and we can walk you through with a free demo.