What is the “Edge”?

What is the “Edge”?


What is the “Edge”?

The “Edge” is the advantage you have with a system installed from us. It is the change in employee attitude simply because they know they are being watched. It is the knowledge that your business will still operate as you expect it to even when you are no longer onsite. It is the confidence you get from having an actual recording of what happened. It is pride you have in your product knowing that it was made the way you instructed it to be. It is the freedom to be off-site and still manage your business remotely. It is the peace of mind that lets you pursue your business goals. This is the “Edge”.

Employee Attitude

Ever walk into a room and suddenly everyone gets busy? They know you are there and now you can see what they are doing, with our offsite capabilities you can have that same impact even when you aren’t able to be in the actual room. We have many customers who regularly view their system from their cell phone and call their employees who they notice are off-target. They tell us the difference in employee attitude is amazing and instant. Several customers have reported increases in productivity of over 30%.


Many business owners are surprised the first time they log into their Edge Video System from offsite. One restaurant owner was surprised when he logged in for the first time and noticed his assistant manager taking a nap in his office and several customer booth still waiting to be cleared. A quick phone call corrected this problem and the owner never had another issue with that manager (to date).

Evidence based decision making

One auto repair business owner reported that a customer complained that the thought he was being taken advantage of. The customer asserted that the belt could not have been damaged the way that it was by normal wear and tear and implied that it had been cut. The concerned business owner asked the customer to review the video with him and they soon discovered that tech had, in fact, cut the belt. Floored, the business owner profusely apologized to the customer and replaced his belt at no charge. He resolved the situation with the employee by immediately terminating him. With an Edge Video Security system installed the business owner was able to easily identify the problem and ensure that his customers were being treated the way they should have be treated.


As an operation who takes much pride in how our work is performed, we understand how important it is for your employees to follow your procedures. And Edge System will give you ability to manage those processes even if you are not able to watch every second of it. You can speed the playback up by 32x normal speed and breeze through the entire building process and quickly identify any shortcuts that may have been made. We have several machine shops who use this feature regularly and a few who even offer to allow their customers to review the video with them if they have any questions about the manufacturing process.

Your Business needs to grow

While solid process control and employee management are vital to a successful business, many business owners need to spend their time making their business grow. When they are focused on operational procedures they find they do not have the time to make the deals that are going to bring them the next windfall or the next big breakthrough. Having your everything recorded, you can have the peace of mind to work on those other projects and know that your operations have been recorded and can easily be reviewed at your convenience.

Get an Edge!

February 02,2023

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