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Ways Your Business Is Vulnerable to Theft

Theft can affect your business’ bottom line in a big way. From insurance premiums to opportunity costs, regardless of the way that you lose inventory or cash, it hurts. At Edge CCTV in Marietta, we deal with businesses that have been robbed or experienced loss of money and products. Here are some ways that your business is vulnerable to theft and what to do about it.

Outside Job

Oftentimes, theft is a crime of opportunity. Shoplifters come into your place of business and think no one is watching. They take something because they believe they can get away with it. For many children, shoplifting is a rite of passage and it’s an impulsive action. For others, it’s an easy way to get something they want or need. By simply setting up cameras and posting notices about them, you can deter shoplifters.

Some criminals are more determined. They may run a scam at the cash register designed to confuse your cashier, or they may come in masked and armed. A good camera system can help police catch the culprits and keep your people safer.

Inside Job

Sometimes, your employees are to be blamed for theft and loss. While you do your best to hire good people, even relatives may be tempted to take items without paying. Because your employees have access to all of your inventory and you have implicit trust in them, they are in the best position to steal from you. When it is something like soda or candy, you may not even notice the loss or just consider it to be shoplifters. However, these types of items can actually be a loss of cash. Some employees will take the money for the transaction and put it in their pocket while the customer believes he or she has paid for the item. A well-placed surveillance camera system in Marietta can help you feel more confident in your people and spot when one has decided to steal from the company.