Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security 

Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security 


Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security 

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You want to provide a safe place to work and a safe place for your customers to eat and shop. If your customers feel safe, they’ll come back. If your business has a reputation as a safe and comfortable place to work, you’ll get good employees. A surveillance system is one way to make sure your business is protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, whether you’re around or not.

Here are 10 ways to improve your business’s security:

  1. If you don’t have one, check into business security camera systems in Chattanooga. If you have a system, check around to see if there is a better system. The presence of cameras will lower the chance of a burglary by an outsider or a theft by an employee. Small thefts—of inventory or supplies—can add up and take a toll on your bottom line. Knowing a camera is present may deter crime or improper behavior by an employee.
  2. Hire a security guard. If a camera picks up something that needs to be investigated, you need someone who is trained to take action. You don’t want an untrained employee trying to take on a situation that he or she is not equipped to handle. A security guard can confront a customer who is acting inappropriately. It’s an added protection for your employees and customers.
  3. Monitor your surveillance system. If you can’t afford to have a person watch the monitors all day, check into getting a system that will alert you or a designated employee if something out of the ordinary occurs.
  4. Train your employees about your surveillance camera system. Assign an employee to make sure all cameras are working properly.
  5. Place cameras in areas where financial information is kept. A camera may spot someone taking money from a cash register, or it may spot someone in an unauthorized area working on a computer. A cyberattack can be just as devastating to your business as a physical robbery.
  6. Don’t forget about your parking lot. A security camera can deter would-be burglars. You want your customers and employees to feel safe walking to and from their vehicles.
  7. Update your camera needs. If you need more cameras or the cameras need to be positioned differently, contact your provider. Your provider may spot problems before you do, but you may have valuable input as well.
  8. Make full use of your cameras. Look for any safety violations. Watch to see if your employees are following your company policies. If you own a restaurant, make sure cleaning procedures are met. You want to detect a problem before it turns up in an inspection report by a governmental agency. You can get hit with a fine. Poor safety practices can lead to an injury to an employee or a customer.
  9. Make sure your business has sufficient lighting. This will enhance the camera shots. A well-lit area will deter crime.
  10. Clear clutter from your business. Stacked boxes can obstruct areas from the camera’s view.

A security camera installation service can be the first step toward making sure your business is secure. You get live streaming of audio and video sent to your phone. You can keep an eye on your business when you can’t be there.

Call Edge CCTV for your security camera needs. Don’t let a security weakness take a toll on your bottom line.

January 01,2019

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