Watch These Amazing Valentine’s Day Proposals Caught on Tape! 

Watch These Amazing Valentine’s Day Proposals Caught on Tape! 


Watch These Amazing Valentine’s Day Proposals Caught on Tape! 

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. It brings to mind those days of being a kid and learning you have a secret crush, and all the yummy little marshmallow hearts that go along with it. And, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an adult than with proposing to your significant other? At Edge CCTV, we want you to know that there’s more to television surveillance than looking out for bad guys, or monitoring your employees. You might just be lucky enough to catch a wedding proposal on tape! Here are some of our favorites.”>

Combining both the fun of Valentine’s Day in school and the romance of a surprise proposal might be the best way possible to commemorate the holiday. You can tell by the way she reacts that she completely shocked. Watch this schoolteacher be completely overwhelmed with love in front of her fiancé, her coworkers and even her students!”>>

This delightful clip from the Ellen Show has matchmaker Ellen DeGeneres sneakily conspiring with a guest to spring a surprise proposal on his girlfriend. It just goes to show, there’s no shortage in the creative choices that are possible when you’re planning your special day. This clip is so romantic, we dare you not to tear up! Keep watching through the end for another fun surprise!”>

Do NOT try this at home. Here it is, the most romantic day of the year. The day that any girlfriend (or boyfriend, in this enlightened age) would most love to have their significant other pop the question. So, this smart guy came up with the bright idea to use the occasion to pull a prank. Watch the video and then decide for yourself what kind of punishment is appropriate.

This may be the most romantic thing we’ve ever seen. It’s a long video, but it’s well worth it. The man who produced the video, Shaneel, wanted his proposal to be as memorable as possible, and boy, was it ever! He actually made a movie of his proposal, and then rented a theater to show it to his girlfriend. Get your hanky ready for when he shows up at the end for the grand finale. No pressure, fellas, but you’re going to have to do your homework if you want to top this.

If you’re installing a surveillance camera system, Atlanta has several fine companies to choose from. But, Edge CCTV wants you to know that while a business security system is a great way to protect your business, there’s always the possibility you could catch something magical.

February 14,2018

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