Useful Tips for Rolling Out a New Security Camera System

Useful Tips for Rolling Out a New Security Camera System


No matter how safe your neighborhood is or which industry you work in, having a security camera system in place is critical. It provides peace of mind, and if anything were to happen to or on your property that resulted in litigation or property damage, the system would provide security footage.

Video surveillance systems range from single cameras to entire security camera systems. It’s important to keep a few key things in mind to make sure the process of setting up and installing your new system goes smoothly (and that everything works properly).

Have Clear Identified Goals for Your New System

First, you should identify whether you will be installing the security camera system yourself or if you will be hiring a professional. At Edge CCTV, Inc., we offer consultations, installations, monitoring, and maintenance for video surveillance systems. Our goal is to make the process simple and effective.

Regardless of who installs your new system, some goals you may want to consider (and be able to speak to) include:

  • Why you are incorporating a new system
  • If security protocols are being updated (and what they are)
  • How it will protect your people and your business

By having clearly set goals that you can articulate to your team, the process of integrating a new video surveillance system in your business can be smooth and transparent. Clear goals can mitigate potential confusion and frustration among employees.

Identify Key Members who Will Interact With the System

As with all technology, CCTV cameras can be complicated and require some training if it’s a vastly new system. It’s important to specify which members of your team will have access to the security camera system and what their role with the system will be. You may decide that only one dedicated maintenance worker or a small handful of people are trained on the system. 

If you have a small team or are not keen on the idea of having many hands accessing your security system, consider hiring Edge CCTV, Inc. to manage your system. We offer everything from installation to maintenance and monitoring, so you can continue benefiting from the video surveillance system without having to worry about who has access to it.

Create a Plan for Dealing With Technical Issues and Maintenance

If you are installing your new security system on your own, it’s important to understand how everything works and to follow the instructions very carefully. It also doesn’t hurt to have a phone number on standby that you can call to help figure out any technical issues along the way (or after the installation has been done).

If you have instead opted for professionals to complete the installation for you, they should have provided you with some basic guidelines and troubleshooting in case of technical difficulties that may arise. You should also be able to call them and have them come out to take a look at the system in case of a failure.

Edge CCTV, Inc. provides end-to-end support, so if something isn’t working properly, we’ll be there to help you through it and get to the root of the issue.

Regardless of what security camera system you have, it’s important to have a plan for dealing with any technical issues that may arise. It is also important to have regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your video surveillance system to prevent any large failures and keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

Develop a Communications Strategy for All Parties Impacted by the New System

Inform your staff of new changes to security and surveillance systems. This information should be communicated to them before the new system is installed. The last thing you want to do is spring on a surprise about a new video surveillance system.

You should relay information such as why the new system is being put into place, if any security protocols are changing as a result of it, and be prepared to answer any questions that your team may have about the change or the new system.

Ready to upgrade your systems?

Don’t trust the security of your business to just any surveillance system provider. The team of experts at Edge CCTV, Inc. has been providing exceptional service to business owners in the Marietta, GA area for over 15 years. Call us today at 678-883-0999 or fill out our online form to receive a free consultation.  

February 14,2022

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