Troubleshooting Security Camera Cable Failure

Troubleshooting Security Camera Cable Failure


Troubleshooting Security Camera Cable Failure

Having business security cameras is a big step towards ensuring safety but like every other piece of equipment, they need some love and care. One of the most common hiccups with surveillance equipment is cable failures. At Edge CCTV, we offer a wide range of professional services for local companies, from security camera installation to professional maintenance tasks. Are you concerned about keeping your cables in top condition long-term, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Overview of Cables for Security Systems

Security cameras can have a variety of different types of cables. This can be confusing and overwhelming for owners or managers, especially if they are unfamiliar with the details. Here is some information that can help you distinguish between the most commonly used cables:

  • Coaxial Cables - RG59 and RG6: These are thick, sturdy cables that can carry video signals over long distances.
  • Ethernet Cables - Cat5e, Cat6, and PoE: These are used to connect cameras to the internet and supply them with power. 'PoE' stands for 'Power over Ethernet', which means the cable can give our cameras both internet and electricity at the same time.
  • Fiber Optic Cables - Single-mode and Multi-mode: These cables are super-fast and can send data over really long distances.
  • Wireless Solutions: Not a fan of wires? Some security cameras use wireless connections. While they're convenient, remember, they might not be as fast or reliable as wired connections.

Installation-Related Cable Failures

Installation errors are occasionally the culprits behind cable-related problems. Some frequent missteps include:

  • Inadequate Cable Length: Using cables that are too short can cause tension and damage.
  • Improperly Sealed Outdoor Connections: Without proper sealing, external elements can damage the connections.
  • Overbending or Kinking: This can interrupt data transmission and weaken the cable.
  • Incorrect Cable Type Usage: Every camera type has a recommended cable. Using the wrong one can result in inefficiencies.
  • Bad Connectors: Poorly fitted or low-quality connectors can compromise the whole system.

External Damages and Their Implications

Our surroundings can sometimes wreak havoc on our cables. For instance, small creatures like mice might mistake our cables for toys, so if you spot any bite marks, they've likely had some fun. Sunlight, water, and moisture are not friends to cables either, as they can cause short circuits and degrade materials. It's important to keep them dry and out of direct contact with light. Keep a lookout for any visible damage that might be caused by construction work or accidental impacts.

Seeking Professional Help: The Importance of a Cabling Expert

Tackling these issues on your own might seem feasible, but an expert’s touch can make all the difference. They bring with them the expertise to identify, solve, and even offer preventive measures for future issues. If your attempts at remedying a situation aren’t fruitful, it’s a clear indicator that professional intervention is required.

Do You Need a Professional Security Camera Installation?

Are you feeling frustrated about the installation or upkeep of your business security cameras? If so, then call the team at Edge CCTV. We can help ensure that your investment is properly installed and in great condition long-term. Contact our office to learn more about our comprehensive services or to schedule a time for your next security camera installation or maintenance service.

August 20,2023

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