Top Five Funniest Things Caught on Security Cameras 

Top Five Funniest Things Caught on Security Cameras 


Top Five Funniest Things Caught on Security Cameras 

Security cameras are meant to catch bad guys, protect property, and help identify suspects in suspicious activity. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when the footage they capture is downright hilarious? Below, you’ll find the top five funniest things caught on tape by CCTV security cameras around the world.

Jingle All the Way


Ho, ho, ho! Last year, a security camera captured a man dressed up as Kris Kringle himself heading out of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Footage of Santa roaming the halls of the hospital circulated on the Internet for days before the hospital revealed that they had released the footage to spread Christmas cheer to patients and their families. The video shows Santa enjoying cafeteria cookies and delivering presents, and was meant to reassure young patients that Santa could still find them if they were in the hospital over Christmas. Cue: Awwwww!

Automatic Door Disaster


This next one captures a would-be thief pelting for the exit of a mall. The only problem? The automatic door doesn’t quite move fast enough, causing the clumsy criminal to smack directly into the door, shattering glass and tripping over a large potted plant on the way out. The good news is, he was easy for police to catch, considering he was trapped under a large pane of glass from the door.

Tall Tail


It’s a jungle out there! A convenience store clerk got the surprise of his life when a security camera caught a tiger walking into the store. Yes, you read that right—a large Bengal tiger strolled through the doors and began perusing the aisles. The footage has been analyzed and no one has been able to authenticate it, but neither has anyone successfully disputed it, meaning it’s quite possible that a tiger waltzed into a quick-mart. No, I am not kitten you right meow.

Red Wire, Green Wire

Recently, a business security camera system in Atlanta captured a man attempting to make off with several hundred dollars in merchandise. The burglar didn’t seem worried about the cameras because he thought he’d turned them off! Turns out, he cut the wrong wires while trying to disable the cameras, and instead cut the power to the store’s audio equipment. That means his identity was easy to discern from the fully functional security camera feed.

Bar Bedlam


How many have you had? A bar security system captured an unsuspecting customer crashing through the floor via a trapdoor open for maintenance. While the door in the floor was open the whole time, the poor patron didn’t notice until it was far, far too late. Geronimo!

For your own peace of mind—or even the occasional humorous incident—look for security camera installation services to help protect your business.

October 17,2017

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