Tips for Running a Secure Daycare

Tips for Running a Secure Daycare


There is nothing more precious than our children. And even though we would always love to protect them from dangers, other important engagements – such as work – take us away from them daily. Enter daycares. Daycares perform a vital part in our society enabling hard working parents to focus on their jobs while their children are being cared for and protected. If you operate a daycare, ensuring it’s secure is not an option, it’s a must. These tips will provide a framework in helping your offer only the safest environment for children and peace of mind for parents.

A complete security system with CCTV

Having a security system installed at your daycare should be high on your checklist. Furthermore, including quality high definition CCTV cameras at the ready is even better. Not only do these cameras provide a real time look at your facility, they can also record activities. This can be paramount in tracking who comes and goes into your facility 24/7.

Limited secure entry points

Having too many points of entry causes a security headache that leaves your facility feeling less safe and costlier to monitor. It’s not always possible to limit entry points… but if you can, less is always more. Regardless of the number of points of entry, all access points should be secured by working locks and monitored by CCTV. Front doors should remain locked to deter any chance an unwelcomed visitor should enter your daycare before staff can react. Always err on the side of caution.

All guests sign in and provide ID

Keeping track of anyone who enters your building is a must. Provide sign up sheets and require all guests to show identification prior to entering. A no ID no entry policy needs to be in place and no exceptions to this policy should be a concrete rule. Additionally, IDs should be government issued and staff needs to be trained to spot possible fakes. Which leads to the next point…

Have a written security policy and train employees

Even the soundest security policy is useless if staff isn’t trained in the protocols. Every employee must be onboard for all security measures that are in place. For instance, if the front door must remain locked, all employees must clearly understand this policy and always follow through. From how guests enter your facility to how to handle the attempt of entry from unauthorized people. Your staff needs to have clear guidance and it should all be in writing.

In conclusion, when crafting your daycare’s security measures keep this in mind: Would you leave your children at your daycare center with its current security practices? If you reply with anything other than a resounding “yes,” go back to work and create the safest daycare possible.

October 08,2019

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