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Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Working at home has transitioned from convenience for some employees to an absolute must for workers around the globe. Thankfully with our modern cutting-edge technology and easy access to information, remote working is not nearly as challenging as it used to be. But one obstacle remains; how do you manage your workers effectively when you aren’t even in the same location? We are going to look at 5 tips to help you find the answer to this ever-elusive problem.

Create clear objectives

Some workers are pros when it comes to getting the job done at home, but others are new to this scenario. Helping those who are accustomed to working at the office transition to working from home should be a priority. Regardless, taking the time to craft clear objectives for all your workers will pay big dividends. From when they should check in with you to when a project is due, ensure your employees understand what you expect from them daily.

Promote collaboration

Working from home can make employees feel isolated and quite alone. One way you can alleviate some of these feelings of detachment is to promote team collaboration. Consider teaming up employees on projects that usually would only require one person. The impact of socializing and having the chance to work together with someone toward a common goal can’t be overstated. Even a simple face to face meeting on a video app can make a huge difference.

Schedule regular meetings

Speaking of meetings. schedule regular check-ins with your employees. More importantly, ensure you are providing each employee a chance to speak with you one on one. Yes, group meetings can be great, but some issues are better tackled in a smaller setting. Going over your employee’s work, goals and expectations is a great start but venture further. This is one time where making small talk can be extremely impactful. You don’t want your workers to feel detached from you, so make an effort to show you care.

Ensure employees have the right technology

We’ve touched on the human element of remote supervision, but what about the technology side? If your employees are working with 10-year old equipment you can’t expect them to be efficient let alone exceptional. Invest in new or at least newer equipment so your employees have the tools to excel. This not only includes hardware but also the latest updates to software. Beyond giving them the best when it comes to technology to meet their objectives, it also shows you care. It’s a win all around.

Encourage downtime after work

Your workers are already home so this may seem almost redundant. Unfortunately, some employees have a hard time separating their worktime at home from the rest of their day. But how can you promote downtime? First, give your workers plenty of post-work moments to spend with family. So, avoid overworking them. Additionally, checking in with your employees to make sure they using their downtime effectively is vital. Finally, consider acknowledging their families by sending swag, games, or gift cards. A fun game may persuade your employees to put their work away and relax.

Managing remote workers isn’t easy, but if you prepare properly and invest time and effort into each one of your employees it doesn’t have to be impossible. So, polish off your webcam, fire up your collaboration software and be the best remote boss ever.