Theft of Time: How Cameras Can Help 

Theft of Time: How Cameras Can Help 


Theft of Time: How Cameras Can Help 

Surveillance is a tricky subject. Not only can it be emotionally charged for people, but it can get into some sticky situations in legal terms. However, the consensus seems to be that the values and benefits are definitely worth the risk. While there are many obvious advantages to having retail security systems in Atlanta, there are some perks that may be a bit less apparent.

Employee Benefits

An irate customer is nothing new. Anyone who has ever worked retail has come across their fair share of angry shoppers. While sometimes such issues are easy to resolve and the situation can be defused fairly quickly, that unfortunately is not always the case. Cameras can assist, especially in instances where claims of inappropriate physical contact have been reported. Any worker should be happy to be exonerated by video evidence. As an added bonus, this can help with police reports and investigations, as well as aid you with insurance claims.

Employees often report feeling safer when they know that surveillance is in place. This is especially true of anyone working late at night. Walking to your car can a bit scary under certain conditions. While security personnel may be able to offer an escort, they might not always be around to assist. Knowing that the area is being monitored offers at least some degree of reassurance, and cameras can help to dissuade criminal activities.

Public Assistance

Defending your employee’s good name is definitely helpful, but the good that can come from your security cameras doesn’t end there. The footage can help with investigating car wrecks, robberies, and any number of other events. Surveillance cameras aided in identifying suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. No matter how large or small the event, video can be tremendously beneficial. Employee and customer safety are both obviously of paramount importance, but increased security for the public at large is definitely something to keep in mind.

Employer Advantages

It’s unfortunate, but your staff won’t always be good stewards of company resources. Although every business knows that there will be some degree of socialization on the job, there is a limit to what’s permissible. Being sociable is one thing, but wasting time and squandering your labor are potentially serious concerns. Luckily, retail security systems in Birmingham don’t discriminate when it comes to capturing the good and the bad.

The information provided by your cameras can give you a great opportunity to review and further develop employee training, or leverage disciplinary action against those who deserve it. It can help you identify your most dedicated and hardest-working employees, which they should appreciate when promotional opportunities arise or raises are awarded.

Ultimately, there’s more benefit to security cameras than most people initially imagine. Whether you’re primarily interested in safety and security, or you want a way to monitor employee performance and customer interactions, you’ll have a potent and tremendously beneficial resource at your disposal.

December 01,2017

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