The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business

The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business


The need for security cameras in and around business properties is more important now than ever. With theft and break-ins on the rise, it is critical to have CCTV (closed-circuit television) installed to record what’s happening inside and outside your business.

Yet, there are other benefits to having 24-hour surveillance that perhaps you haven’t thought of - ones that are sure to make the investment worth your while.

Read on to learn about the not often thought of advantages of surveillance.

Customer Journey Analysis

A security camera system records the actions of your customers throughout the day. Still, when you look beyond the risk of theft or dangerous situations, the footage provides incredible insight into your customers’ shopping experience.

Shopper behavior shows trends in how they maneuver through your premises, make product or service selections, make impulse purchases, and how often they successfully make a purchase. 

The video feed shows what areas on your property get the most foot traffic. This information can help you determine how to make impulse items more visible to customers. This information also reveals where your least-frequented areas are, and allows you to adjust shelving or flow patterns to optimize your space.

CCTV can even show where customers are frustrated and unable to find what they are looking for, allowing you to improve signage or customer prompts to the correct areas. Footage can also show where customers with impairments or disabilities struggle on your premises so you can make your business more accessible.

As you analyze your customers’ movements, you may find time- and money-saving ideas to capitalize on new strategies and marketing ideas, while also reducing unnecessary risk.

Productivity Boost

As easy as it is to track your customers’ experience on your premises, you can also discover how your staff interacts with them and their fellow employees. 

The footage shows you when your busiest times are so you can schedule staff accordingly. It can also track welcome response times, who is actively on the sales floor, or involved in add-on sales. Perhaps your staff are busier during task times than you were aware.

Conversely, your security camera system can also show when staff are not completing tasks, what was preventing them, and how they maintain the break schedule. While not solely intended to track the integrity of your employees, the CCTV system helps you fine-tune costly staffing issues and reward your hard-working staff.

Liability Protection

Liability is more than just loss prevention from theft. There are many risks to businesses that can lead to frivolous lawsuits, often without a way to verify the facts.

With a security camera installation, both internally and externally, you can replay incidents in the parking lot, behind the building, and within the premises. This information is enormously valuable for insurance claims, emergency responses, and police reports.

Here are a few examples you may not have thought about:

  • Customer injury
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Damage to property
  • Animal or insect activity
  • Vandalism
  • Lost children
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Staff termination

This information can help you plan around employee and customer disabilities, avoiding injury, protecting your property, and covering yourself from liability. 

Recording the premises and activities within your business is an investment that pays for itself many times over. 

Protect Your Business

Protecting your business with CCTV has never been easier. Discover how you can optimize your business operations, protect your investment, and document your company’s activities with peace of mind.

The professionals at Edge CCTV, Inc. have been handling security camera installation, monitoring, and maintenance in the Marietta, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Columbia area for over fifteen years. Request a free consultation by booking online or calling 678-883-0999 today!

March 14,2022

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