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The importance of access control

Who has access to your company’s information and resources? That is the vital component to access control. The concept itself is simple. Access control is nothing more than how you determine who has access to prescribed areas within your organization. For instance:  Your most entrusted managerial level employees may have unfettered access, while new employees may be restricted. Even though at its heart, access control isn’t difficult, the process itself is ever evolving. So, how does it tie into CCTV and other security concerns. Let’s take a look.

Physical properties

Access control ties directly into your facility’s security. How? For example: Maybe employee “A” can enter the building from 8 AM to 6 PM, while employee “B” has access to your facility 24/7. Furthermore, you can dictate who can enter which door at a specific time when you employ the right resources. This also extends to who can control your ever-important CCTV feeds. Obviously, you don’t want just anyone to be able to control your cameras or recordings.  

Determining who has access

Ultimately, how you determine who has access is up to your or your security administrator. Regardless, you need to have a plan. Doling out security access randomly or on a whim is a recipe for major issues. Have a solid security protocol in place that rigorously evaluates employees and has a clear path to reaching each level of security you have predetermined. And don’t leave out even the smallest details. A factor that seems meaningless now may prove otherwise in the future.

How they access

Another factor is how your employees will access everything from your physical building to sensitive data. There are many choices when it comes to providing access from PINs, to smart keys, to biometrics. No matter which methods you choose, again, have a plan on how you are implementing each protocol. Having fingerprint readers on your rear entry while using keycards on the front can cause confusion and more work than necessary. Consistency provides easier tracking and execution of your security plan.

Security can be a complex subject, that’s why we are here to help. Contact us today for a free demo of our complete CCTV solutions.