The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Security Systems 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Security Systems 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Security Systems 

Security camera installation is an essential part of keeping your hotel safe for your guests and your employees. Security cameras allow you to recognize criminals or unwelcome guests at entry points. They can alert you to suspicious activity. They can spot dishonest employees. A bad security system can result in attacks on guests and theft of property. You need to know what to do and what to avoid when installing cameras in your hotel.

Entrances and Exits

A good practice is to have security cameras at the exits and entrances of your hotel. This may be the doors leading into your lobby, or it could be the entrance and exit from your parking lot. Cameras with facial recognition capabilities can allow you to know if someone who is a criminal or who has caused problems in the past is entering your hotel. The photo is compared to the photos you have in your database. When there’s a match, you can take immediate action.

Public Access

Install a camera in areas where the public is allowed access. If there’s a stranger lurking in your lobby, you want to know. You may have a restaurant or lounge that is frequented by persons other than guests.

Guest Access

You can’t place a camera in a guest’s room. It’s not just a bad practice, but it’s illegal. It’s a good idea to place cameras in places where all guests are allowed. Place cameras around pools, a loading dock, a service exit, and in halls. You need to know if someone is hanging around your guests’ rooms. Don’t forget about the stairs in your hotel and in the parking lot.

Outside Cameras

Install cameras around the perimeter of your hotel. Position the cameras so that all entrance ways and windows are covered. Some criminals target tourists, and you want your property and your guests to be safe.

Updated Equipment

Don’t cut corners when it comes to security cameras. Outdated systems are more susceptible to hacking. Rely on a security camera installation service in Atlanta that takes advantage of today’s latest technology.


Have someone monitor your security cameras. If that’s not feasible, have a system that alerts you when suspicious activity is detected.

Hidden Cameras

Sometimes cameras out in the open serve a purpose. A criminal may be deterred by the presence of cameras in your parking lot or in your lobby. At other times, a hidden camera may be a better option. Professional criminals know how to find places where cameras can’t detect them.

Particular Needs

No one camera security system fits all hotels. Discuss your particular needs with a security service. Let the service know your needs, listen to the suggestions of trained professionals, and let the professionals find the best system for your budget.

Contact Edge CCTV, Inc. to learn how a good security camera system can protect you and your guests.

December 07,2018

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