The ‘Dine and Dash’ and Restaurant Security Cameras 

The ‘Dine and Dash’ and Restaurant Security Cameras 


The ‘Dine and Dash’ and Restaurant Security Cameras 

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for restaurants. Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping season means an increase in business for dining establishments, but also means a sharp rise in “dine and dash” incidents.

An individual or party of people arrive at a restaurant and order from its menu. After eating, the diner or diners intentionally leave the restaurant without paying the bill, which in many cases, can be considerable. This can happen at any time of the year, but incidents typically jump around Thanksgiving and the holiday season, when crowds can make the temptation to skip paying a bill irresistible.

The effects of this is loss of revenue to the restaurant, or billing practices that could dampen the dining experience for customers. Restaurant owners are not the only ones affected; in some states the server of the table of customers that fled is liable for the cost of the bill.

Restaurants are fighting back against dine and dashers. One of the methods employed is the use of surveillance cameras to identify and report the scofflaws. As the operator of a restaurant plagued by dine and dashers, you should consider the benefits of security camera installation service in Atlanta to protect your profits and your business’s reputation.

Visible Deterrent

One of the benefits of a security camera system in your restaurant is deterrence. A security camera system actively recording patrons will make dine and dashers think twice about running out on a bill. An expert technician in security camera installation service can recommend where to install the cameras for high visibility and maximum surveillance of the establishment.

Wanted Images

Security cameras can capture the physical details of dine-and-dash perpetrators, giving you enough information to plan a course of action. This includes turning over the images to law enforcement as a first step toward prosecution. Restaurants may also be inclined to post the images of dine and dashers on social media to alert other businesses of their existence.

Why Surveillance Works

It’s inevitable that a restaurant customer or group of customers may skip out of paying a bill for a meal, either because they do not have enough money or for the thrill of it. The approach of Thanksgiving and the holiday season means owners and operators of restaurants, cafes and taverns must increase their vigilance to prevent it, without compromising quality customer service. A surveillance system from a security camera installation service is effective as a dine-and-dash deterrent, and as a tool to identify and catch for prosecution those who participated in this form of theft of service. Contact Edge CCTV to learn more.

November 26,2018

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