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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

The chill of a long, cold winter is starting to fade, and the season of new beginnings is upon us. It’s spring. The perfect time to reassess your business operations and do some much-needed cleaning. While the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of spring cleaning is scouring pads and tons of elbow grease, in reality, there’s much more to this annual ritual than ridding your office of dirt and grime. Like what you may ask? Let’s look at five ways you can spring clean your business and luckily not all require a broom.

Clean and declutter your office

Yes, this first one does require cleaning supplies and a little hard work. It is spring cleaning after all. A great place to start is your desk. Declutter and organize. Rid your desk of unnecessary paperwork and try to minimize the number of gadgets and other miscellaneous items that serve no purpose other than to distract you throughout the day. Of course, then it’s time to tackle the dust that has collected over the winter. Break out the broom and dust cloth and spruce up your office. You’ll be happy when your office looks great.

Update your website

When was the last time you updated your website? If it’s been a few winters ago then it’s probably time to dust off your HTML skills and get to work. Ensure the design fits into your branding strategy and check contact information for correctness including emails, phone numbers and addresses. If you’re up to the task, do some research on current best practices for design and completely redo your site. It’s a digital world so keeping your online presence clean and fresh is vital.

Clean up your security

The fake camera in the corner of your office has become a dust collector and beyond that, it has no other use. Upgrade your office’s security by investing in a quality CCTV system. A real camera system enables you to monitor everything happening in your office and if needed, a chance to review footage if something’s amiss. You’ll still have to dust off the real cameras, but at least they work.


The painting that greets visitors to your office was last replaced in 2002 and your plants are looking a bit, dead. Make your office shine with new artwork and beautiful, lively plants. You can also accessorize but don’t over do it. The goal of spring cleaning is to declutter.

Set new business goals

You want “new” this spring and nothing can motivate you to change quite like crafting goals. Even if you wrote down goals after the turn of the year, making new ones is never a bad idea. Make them challenging yet realistic. You want to push yourself without frustration. Creating goals is a great way to clean out the complacency that can set in after a long winter.

Hopefully now you are motivated to get down to business and deep clean your office this spring. With and without the elbow grease.