Shedding Light On 5 Common Myths About Security Cameras

Shedding Light On 5 Common Myths About Security Cameras


Shedding Light On 5 Common Myths About Security Cameras

There’s a lot of information to know about when it comes to security cameras. With so much to learn, it’s practically inevitable that you’ll pick up some false information along the way. 

Don’t jump into the world of security cameras without first learning the basics behind them. The surveillance system pros at Edge CCTV, Inc. are here to break down the biggest myths surrounding security camera installations and services so that you can walk away with only the information that you need the most. 

All Security Cameras are the Same

It can be easy to assume that all security cameras are the same. After all, don’t they all simply gather information from their surveillance? Well, yes and no. 

These days, no two surveillance systems are quite the same. Some security cameras use motion sensors to start recording video footage, while others may specialize in low light recording using infrared technology. Each system is slightly different and is best used in different situations depending on your needs. 

We always recommend taking the time to research the specifications behind multiple products before you decide on the one that’s best for you. The team at Edge CCTV, Inc. helps our customers choose a security camera system that makes the most sense for their business, their security objectives, all while keeping in mind their budget. 

Security Cameras Capture Everything

Among the most popular myths surrounding security cameras is the belief that a video surveillance system can capture anything and everything. Although we wish this were the case, this is unfortunately far from the truth. 

The vast majority of security cameras can only record a certain amount of footage before their storage reaches its limit. Unlike the human eye, security cameras don’t have much in the way of peripheral vision and can only obtain footage from a limited point of view. It’s important to consult video surveillance pros like those at Edge CCTV to determine the type and extent of footage that your new camera can capture. 

Wireless Cameras are Completely Wireless

Despite their name, wireless cameras are not, in fact, completely wireless. Your wireless camera needs power from an alternating current, which means it’s going to be plugged into the wall some way or another. 

Wireless cameras have their applications in certain circumstances. However, most of the time their limited power supply results in low-quality footage that may not be up to your expectations.

You can Enhance Grainy Images

You’ve likely seen it in your favorite spy movie: a grainy photo captured by a CCTV is blown up to incredible resolutions for crystal-clear images. 

The reality is rather less exciting than said spy movie. Only cameras with high resolution can store footage of equally high quality. Even then, it’s not possible to enhance the quality of your footage once it’s recorded, so be sure to ask the technicians at Edge CCTV about your options for high-resolution cameras. 

Security Cameras can be Installed by Anyone

Security camera installation is best left in the hands of experienced professionals. The team at Edge CCTV recommends that you trust a team of experts for your installation unless you already have lots of experience with installing computer and security systems. This step goes a long way toward reducing errors and ensuring proper functionality with your system for video surveillance.

Schedule a Free Consultation!

At Edge CCTV, Inc., we know that your questions about security cameras and video surveillance don’t just stop here. That’s why we invite you to schedule a completely free consultation with our technicians to learn more about our products and how they can help you and your business. Get in touch with our team today by visiting our website or by giving us a call at 678-883-0999!

May 06,2021

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