Security Cameras to Verify Suggestive Selling - Audio Required

Security Cameras to Verify Suggestive Selling - Audio Required


One of the first things you think of when it comes to using small business security cameras for your business is the safety and security of your property, staff, and customers. However, your surveillance cameras can be used to do more than just protect you from theft and damage. Many businesses are relying on suggestive selling practices to upsell products being purchased to get a more significant sale. Having a camera system that not only provides you with a picture, but sound can be beneficial to your business.

Protect Your Sales

Suggestive selling is a beneficial sales methodology where your staff suggests to the customer what products will go along great with their purchase, such as an HDMI cable to go along with their new television. The first benefit of retail security systems with audio is that you can verify that your staff is following through correctly with your suggestive selling practice. You can hear for yourself how a transaction goes when you’re not around. Are your employees referring customers to additional products? If they aren’t, listening to the recorded audio will let you know so that you can take corrective measures to implement this method.

Protect Your Customers

Suggestive selling is a great practice to increase your sale amounts that take minimal effort, but it can become a problem in some situations. You can use your audio to see how your employees are handling it. Are they badgering your customers into buying additional equipment that takes this practice too far? A sound feature will help you address this issue for overzealous employees as you can give them pointers on how to use suggestive selling without going too far with it.

Protect Your Business

You can also use this security audio to protect your business. A customer may claim that your sales staff forced them into a purchase with suggestive selling tactics or that they weren’t told something about a product. Some people are looking to find ways to get over on a business while others may be telling the truth. Using this system, you’ll have a visual and audio representation of their transaction that can prove or disprove their claims. This can save you a lot of headache and hassle, especially if the customer threatens an expensive lawsuit.

Protecting your business and your customers through the use of security cameras that not only provide a picture, but sound can be an excellent business strategy. You’ll have proof of what happens during a transaction, especially when it comes to suggestive selling.  We’d love to go over your options for a surveillance camera system in Atlanta today.

December 03,2017

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