Security Cameras for Good! Catch Good Deeds this Holiday Season 

Security Cameras for Good! Catch Good Deeds this Holiday Season 


Security Cameras for Good! Catch Good Deeds this Holiday Season 

Generally speaking, business video surveillance in Marietta is promoted as a way to capture criminals. In fact, security cameras are almost always touted as a great technology for identifying shoplifters or deterring criminal behavior. All too often, people only focus on the negative, and surveillance is seen as a system used solely to punish or vilify people. However, security cameras can do much more than that.

This holiday season, you can choose to focus on the positive instead. Cameras also record good deeds. Acts of kindness and generosity of spirit all too often go overlooked and underappreciated. As you know, most of your customers are compassionate, friendly people. They’re all too happy to help others during a time of need or to simply share a friendly gesture.

Customer Courtesy

It’s not uncommon to assist people with their bags or goods, whether that’s groceries or a big-box item. Certainly, it may seem like standard practice to you, but people are often more appreciative than you think. Whether the person is elderly or lives with a disability, a gesture that seems incredibly ordinary can be tremendously beneficial. During the holidays, large grocery orders and electronics or other goods are common purchases, and it could be more important than ever that they experience such a basic courtesy. Even if it only takes a few minutes out of your day, it can have a profound impact on someone else. Security cameras in Columbus can make certain that every occasion is preserved.

Being Neighborly

Kindness is given and received every day, but it isn’t always captured on film. There have been cases of travelers being aided with bus fare, clothing being given to strangers, and even impromptu prayer circles. Whether it’s a customer’s good will or an employee’s, it’s important for people to be aware of compassion and charitableness. Such actions aren’t particularly rare. In fact, they tend to be far more common than people realize. But even in the era of social media, it isn’t always recorded and shared.

Security camera installation service in Atlanta does more than offer safety. There’s a lot to love about the amazing kindness of strangers. If you want to learn more about what surveillance can do for you and your business, contact the professionals at Edge CCTV, Inc.

December 24,2018

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