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How Security Cameras Deter Vandalism

The use of security cameras to deter vandalism and other crimes has been steadily increasing in the last decade, with many people seeking to protect their businesses by installing surveillance technology. 

Proponents of business video security systems in Marietta and elsewhere in the country argue that security cameras not only prevent vandalism by acting as a visual deterrent, but make it easier to identify suspects and catch perpetrators once a crime has been committed.

Researchers from the Campbell Collaboration reviewed 44 studies that measured whether or not business video security systems reduced crime, and found that surveillance cameras led to a “51 percent decrease in crimes committed in parking lots.”

Camera Placement

To reap the benefits of video surveillance, good camera visibility is key. Cameras must be placed to view vulnerable locations, like entrances, exits, and cash registers. A small number of cameras in carefully considered positions will be of more value than several cameras in inadvisable spots. In fact, a large amount of surveillance equipment can quickly become unmanageable.

According to GNC, an organization that assesses technology, security cameras are most effective when cameras are placed “carefully and thoughtfully” in a given area.

Business video surveillance in Marietta and other areas is most effective when placed where it cannot only see, but also be seen. Placing security cameras where they can view at-risk areas of your business is only part of the solution to preventing vandalism—they must also be visible from those vulnerable areas to act as an effective visual deterrent.

Well-Trained Workforce

Equally important when implementing a surveillance system at your business is staff training. A well-trained workforce proficient in monitoring and analyzing system data will be able to complement the technology and protect your business most effectively. Staff training can also help your employees learn about the local community and help them prevent recurring crimes.

The Urban Institute, the leading evidence-based research organization in the United States, recently released a study on the use of security cameras for crime prevention. Their research explored whether surveillance equipment truly helped prevent crime or merely displaced it, redirecting it to other areas.

The study indicated that when cameras were located properly and monitored regularly by qualified staff members, the impact on crime was “significant and cost-beneficial.”

Given the evidence pointing to reduced vandalism due to security systems, it may be worthwhile to consider implementing one in your own business. Your business is precious; protecting it with the best technology available is a decision that can safeguard your investment and stop crime before it happens.