Safety in Hospitality: Reasons to Install Security Cameras

Safety in Hospitality: Reasons to Install Security Cameras


Hotels are used for a variety of needs - from business trips to vacations, and every little thing in between. Part of the whole trip is looking into what hotels would best suit our needs. Sure, we look for a pool, continental breakfast and extra towels, but one thing that really stands out to us is the security of the building. We are entrusting our very lives into the hands of the hotel staff, so – of course – we want to feel safe. In the world of hospitality, safety is a big deal, and a hotel that lacks that feeling of security will surely see a lack in business. We’re here to tell you the four reasons why you should install trusted security systems in your hotels!

Probably the most obvious is that, if your guests know that the security system in your hotel is up and ready to play catch, they will feel comfortable.

When your guests are comfortable, then they tend to utilize more of your amenities and extras you have to offer, which makes their stay that much more enjoyable. A great, safe, and enjoyable stay means they will most likely return!

Not only is it a benefit for your guests, but your employees will feel much better about working in a secure environment as well.

The safer they feel, the more energy they can pour into their job duties, and it tends to make overall work atmosphere more enjoyable. The happier your employees, the less time you’ll have to spend on turnover rates. Additionally, security systems allow you to monitor employee productivity.

The best part about a security system is that it immediately does its job!

It turns away those unsavory guests who have ill intent, and keeps the people there honest and happy. Without a security system, you endanger yourself, your hotel, your workers, and your guests. It’s just not worth the risk. system (A note, professionals will find out whether or not you’re protected, so it’s not a matter of “faking it” well.)

A functioning security system is a key element to many insurance providers…

They know they can pull footage whenever they may need to, and it makes life a whole lot easier for anyone else involved. No system might scare away your insurance companies and/or lawyers, or at least drive their price way higher than it needs to go.

Should you have any questions about security systems and your hotel(s), feel free to contact Edge CCTV for a free consultation!

September 24,2019

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