Restaurant and Bar: Best Placement for Video Surveillance 

Restaurant and Bar: Best Placement for Video Surveillance 


Restaurant and Bar: Best Placement for Video Surveillance 

Do You Need Surveillance?

Installing a restaurant security system in Macon is not just essential for the security of a restaurant or bar. Video surveillance also helps you, the business owner better understand your customers’ experience when they dine with you. Customers also feel more secure knowing that you’re watching out for their best interest while they visit your establishment. In addition, a surveillance system allows you to observe employee behavior, alerting you to areas where improvement is needed. Using optimal placement of video surveillance ensures full protection for your business and your customers.

Who Is at the Door?

Video surveillance must be installed at each entrance and exit door. This enables you to easily identify every person who comes and goes from your establishment. Installing a camera in your waiting area provides an additional bonus-the ability to track traffic so you can staff according to peak busy times. Video surveillance should also focus on activity at your back entrances. Thieves and dishonest employees often use back entrances to steal items from the business.

Cameras in the Kitchen

Setting up video surveillance in your kitchen serves several purposes. Security cameras in the kitchen help you discover and prevent theft. Employees have access to cash, food, alcohol, equipment, and supplies. Why not take advantage of a security camera to help save your business money? Surveillance of the kitchen also gives you a way to monitor employee behavior making it easier to identify productivity and safety issues. Finally, monitoring the kitchen helps you ensure staff does everything possible to maintain your standard of quality control.

While They Drink and Dine

Bar security systems in Marietta offer business owners an opportunity to supervise staff without being behind the bar. Customer seating areas can also be monitored so staff can be added or redirected when necessary. Security cameras in the dining and bar area let you observe customers and know when they’ve finished with their meal or drinks. You can watch to make sure bills are paid, and also see any customer who leaves without paying the bill.

At the Cash Register

The cash register may appear to be an obvious spot for camera placement, but were you aware that the type of camera for this area is critical to the success of your surveillance program? The cash register is the most vulnerable place for theft and fraud. This is especially important when dealing with potential employee theft from the register. We provide high quality, high resolution cameras that allow you to clearly see each bill and coin.

Cameras in the Parking Lot

The final areas where restaurant video surveillance systems are important are parking lots and walkways. Surveillance of parking lots reveals theft from not only your business, but your customers too while also providing record of any accidents that occur on the premises. Customers appreciate the extra safety a surveillance system offers as they park their cars and walk to and from your establishment.

February 19,2018

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