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Protect your inventory: Car dealership security tips

Car dealerships are like all-you-can-eat buffets for thieves. Instead of going back for more biscuits, burglars can select the perfect make and model of vehicle for their needs. And they don’t even need butter. In other words, it’s not if you are going to be a target; it’s when.  Unfortunately, all it takes is one security weakness for an experienced thief to breach your defenses and have their way with your inventory. So, how can you keep these nefarious characters from taking advantage of your dealership?

Leverage the power of CCTV

Installing a complete CCTV system is a winning proposition, no matter how you look at it. First, the cameras themselves act as a deterrent. A would-be thief is going to think twice when they see cameras on your property. Secondly, having a surveillance system enables you to record everything that happens in and around your dealership. And finally, you can access your feed remotely from just about anywhere to periodically check your lot. Before you do anything else to secure your inventory, you need a CCTV system.

Lock up your keys

Easy access to keys is great for your employees, but unfortunately, it’s quite convenient for thieves as well. And the handiest place to store keys is in the vehicles themselves. As tempting as that may be, avoid this scenario. The best solution? Keep your keys stored inside your facility.

Fences, landscaping, and lighting

You want your fences high, landscaping low, and your lighting bright. It can be enticing to cut corners on your fencing solution and lighting and go a bit overboard on large landscaping projects. Fences make getting into your lot and subsequently driving out of your dealership difficult. When it comes to landscaping, think hiding spots. You don’t want to create areas for thieves to hide, especially from your CCTV. Lastly, a brightly lit lot will provide some prevention. What type of thief wants to be under a bright light? None. 

Screen employees and contractors

The most challenging thief to foil is one who has inside knowledge. That is why screening your potential employees and contractors is a must. Unwittingly hiring an individual with a criminal past may lead to large losses. Invest in a thorough background search and be selective.

Strategic parking

Park your inventory strategically. The most expensive models should be as close to the building as possible. To prevent towing, engage the emergency brake and position each vehicle’s tires to one side. You may also consider installing a spike strip or bollard system that will disable a vehicle from leaving the lot.

We know how hard you work to keep a beautiful inventory of great cars. That’s why we hope these tips help guide you in protecting your precious assets. Need more assistance? Let us know.