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How Parking Lot Security Cameras Protect against Hit and Runs

Any accident in your store’s parking lot can be a nightmare. While safety is the chief concern, reckless drivers could do more than just injure your customers and employees. They can damage your property and even have you held accountable for an accident on your property. With all the potential risks “hit and run” accidents present, and how cheap and easy it is to protect against them, it makes sense to seek out a company for security camera installation services. Here’s why:

Property damage

Though any driver who backs over your signs or scrapes your company vehicles is at fault and owes you money, you have no legal recourse if they drive away and you can’t identify them. In that case, you’ll have to pay your own repair costs for a crime someone else committed. As not every customer of yours will be kind enough to stay and share insurance information, security cameras are a cheap and easy way to help identify hit and run vandals, and even get their license plate number.


Just as police install cameras to scare people into following the speed limit, security cameras are a great way to police driving in your own parking lot. When drivers see a camera, they become more aware of their driving and surroundings, and they drive more safely as a result, preventing some hit and runs from happening in the first place. This doesn’t just prevent damage to your property; it makes customers feel safer and more comfortable coming to your store. You might consider putting up a sign with your cameras, just to make sure people know your parking lot is protected.


Parking lot owners can be held liable for certain accidents occurring on their premises, especially if a lawyer can make the argument that the accident was caused by the design of your parking lot. This tactic can often be used in hit and run cases, as without the other driver to sue, some desperate victims will turn the blame on you. A security camera is effective evidence to show that reckless driving was at fault, not your lot. Your camera could even catch the hit and run driver for the victim, helping them and saving you time and legal fees.