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Jaywalking? Surveillance System Could SMS You a Fine

Most people have jaywalked at some point in their lives, whether they were rushing across the street to catch the train or they just couldn’t be bothered to wait for the light to turn. It’s considered pretty normal in many cultures and countries to cross the road even when the pedestrian light isn’t illuminated. People are in a hurry and if they see the opportunity to cross, many will go for it. However, a new technology involving security camera installation and business video surveillance could put a damper on jaywalking in the future. 

New Development

When you pursue CCTV installation services in Marietta, GA, you will be getting more than just a camera that records what’s happening around your business. You will be signing up for a whole new way to keep your property safe and secure from illegal behavior! This is certainly true for an Asian city that is looking to catch jaywalkers in the act and punish them for their dangerous behavior. A company that specializes in artificial intelligence in China is in the midst of creating a new program that would use AI-powered surveillance systems with facial recognition technology to identify a jaywalker and text a fine to their phone. It may sound like an incredible advancement, but it really isn’t all that far off.

Surveillance Solutions

This technology is coming to life in Shenzen, a city of over 12 million people in southern China. A company called Intellifusion has joined forces with local police officers to establish AI-powered boards near busy intersections, where jaywalking is rampant. If an individual crosses the street outside of a crosswalk or when the pedestrian light is not on, their face will pop up on the board, alongside their family name. It’s a bright and bold way to call out jaywalkers for their unsafe choices that could cost them their lives. This is all powered by a combination of AI and surveillance video, and it could go a long way in combating the major jaywalking issue in the world’s most populous country. However, that’s not all the program will do. Intellifusion is also looking to partner with mobile carriers and messaging platforms such as WeChat, the Chinese version of WhatsApp, to send jaywalkers fines on their phones just mere moments after they commit their crime. It’s all part of the ever-growing power of China’s surveillance state, which will include 600 million AI-backed CCTV cameras as of 2020, according to BBC News. It’s possible this technology could arrive in America before too long, as well! It’s a testament to the capabilities of CCTV on a global scale.