Improving Retail Security This Holiday Season 

Improving Retail Security This Holiday Season 


Improving Retail Security This Holiday Season 

There’s no getting around it, retail of all sorts gets pretty hectic during the holiday season. When shopping gets into full gear, so do the shoplifters, and this goes for employee thefts as well. Unfortunately, with all the commotion surrounding the Christmas shopping season, also come opportunists in all forms.

Shoplifting gangs use diversions to steal large amounts of goods at a time. Some shoplifters resort to violent techniques such as smash and grab to intimidate employees and security, while others will wait for nightly cash drops and rob the workers directly. Sadly, in some cases, the crooks are even in cahoots with retail employees for such actions. One thing is for sure, the best plan of action for dealing with theft is preventing an atmosphere where a shoplifter feels confident in their decision to steal. If you’re a retailer and interested in business security camera systems, here’s a helpful guide on what you can do to increase security this holiday season.

 Train Your Staff

Make sure your employees know how to recognize a theft in progress and how to handle each situation safely and professionally. You can also take this time to review safety and proficiency surrounding cash handling and transfer.

Check Your Inventory

You are always better prepared if you can recognize when a theft is happening. This is especially important for identifying employee theft. The sooner you can figure what is missing, the better equipped you can be on locating the source.

Track Your Inventory

Does your business transfer goods from or to different retail locations? You may want to install electronic trackers or surveillance to make sure your products aren’t “falling off the truck” in transit.

Business Security Cameras

This is big and highly advised for maximum protection. By installing visible business security surveillance systems at your retail location, near high-end items, the register, the stockroom, and around the exterior of the building, you stand a much higher chance of not only deterring crooks, but having hard proof in case of theft.

High-Quality Temporary Security

This is another excellent weapon in the fight against theft. Temporary security is not employee friendly, so there is a much lower chance of collusion. Also, many reputable security companies hire ex-police and military, so they’re better equipped to deal with situations which require higher levels of physical control. Like cameras, increased security sends a visible signal to a crook that they’re at a greater risk of getting caught.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to prevent theft or would like to acquire business security camera systems in Jacksonville, contact the pros at Edge CCTV, Inc.

November 17,2017

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