Important Features to Look For in a Security Camera System 

Important Features to Look For in a Security Camera System 


Important Features to Look For in a Security Camera System 

Business owners need a security camera system that considers both digital as well as physical security. There are plenty of features available today that make intelligent security with smart camera systems more viable than ever. The challenge, however, is knowing what features to look for.

Modern camera systems that offer advanced surveillance features are useful to businesses in multiple industries. Many of these features, however, are industry-specific and may not be a must-have for your business. To that end, the surveillance system service and installation pros at Edge CCTV, Inc. have put together a list of essential security camera features, no matter what type of business you operate.

Durability for Outdoor and Indoor Surveillance Systems

Modern security camera systems are responsible for centralizing continuous streams of lots of data. As a result, it’s important for businesses to invest in surveillance systems with both indoor and outdoor durability. 

Indoor and outdoor capabilities can accommodate the infrastructure of your business location without sacrificing the quality of the footage streams and storage options. Edge CCTV recommends that you consider your business infrastructure with durable surveillance systems that record footage from multiple vantage points.

Suitable Coverage Capabilities

Your business requires multiple feed streams so that you have as much footage as possible. Suitable coverage capabilities allow your surveillance system to continuously monitor all locations that you deem areas of interest. Edge CCTV understands that proper security camera installation of multiple cameras builds the foundation for complete, continuous surveillance.

Good Resolution Quality

Arguably the most popular topic of discussion when it comes to security systems is camera resolution. A high-quality camera resolution is often a deal-maker or breaker for business owners who want the best of the best in video surveillance.

High-quality camera resolutions at sixteen megapixels create high-definition footage even at a distance and from multiple vantages. Edge CCTV offers camera systems with the industry-best resolution for clear footage at all times and from all angles.

Reliable Recording Management System

Video management systems (VMS) are the modern answer to recording management, and they can streamline the ownership of different parts of business security. Specifically, VMS centralize the management of security footage with recording software that includes a single dashboard that users can access.

Centralized management is vital to organizing responsibilities for system-wide monitoring, be they for compliance or internal control. VMS with recording software typically offer options for audits that provide insight into security system usage for compliance, in case you need to furnish compliance documents to auditing agencies or officials operating in your industry.

Smarter Security Camera Installations With Edge CCTV, Inc. 

Security camera systems’ features are growing more complex, and it’s important that businesses who need both digital and physical security understand which features they need.

Edge CCTV, Inc. provides companies in Atlanta and Marietta with efficient, knowledgeable, and  affordable installations for camera systems. At Edge CCTV, we’re committed to making your employees as well as your profits safe at all times.

Get in touch with us today by visiting our site for a free consultation or by giving us a call at 678-883-0999. We look forward to making your business and its assets more secure!

August 05,2021

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