How to Ward off Holiday Parking Lot Burglars with CCTV 

How to Ward off Holiday Parking Lot Burglars with CCTV 


How to Ward off Holiday Parking Lot Burglars with CCTV 

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you see a spike in the number of thefts from vehicles in store and restaurant parking lots. Car thefts are bad for customers, but they’re also bad for your business. Customers don’t want to shop at stores or eat at restaurants where thefts from cars happen.

Why Christmas?

Burglars feast on Christmas. There are more shoppers, and shoppers buy more. That means more targets and more goodies for burglars. Shoppers go to more than one store or stop to eat at a restaurant before returning home, so they leave their purchases in the car. Some shoppers buy small expensive gifts that burglars grab and carry away. Even large objects can be transferred to another vehicle in a short period of time. Shopping takes time, so burglars have time to pick through items and take what they want.

Solution for Businesses

A solution for businesses to the theft problem in parking lots is a closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system. You can’t post security guards all over your lot. It’s expensive and not practical. You can contact a security camera installation service in Atlanta to place cameras at the most strategic points in your parking lot.

Advantages of CCTV

How does CCTV installation services help your business when the Christmas thieves enter your parking lot looking for easy targets?

  • The system deters crime. Burglars don’t want their faces to appear on the nightly news or social media. It’s easier just to go to a store that doesn’t have a security camera.
  • You can monitor the activity in your parking lot from a computer or your phone. You can alert authorities or your security force and catch the burglar in the act. If you can’t afford to have someone watch the screen all the time, consider analytics. The program sounds an alarm when something out of the ordinary happens.
  • You have evidence of the crime. The thief can be identified and arrested. Your customer can get his or her property back.
  • Your customers will trust that their belongings are safe. Word travels. A series of car break-ins can hurt your business.
  • Your business can save on insurance premiums.
  • The installation is cost-effective.
  • The system is easy to install.

Maximize the Benefits

Your business can take steps to maximize the benefits of a CCTV security system. Monitor your system. Are there places where cameras should be added or moved for better coverage? Use LED lighting in your lot. Keep your parking lot clean.

Customize Your Service

Customize the security camera installation service to suit your needs and your budget. You may have a small lot and only need a single camera. You may have an entrance to your parking lot and want to install cameras with facial recognition. Do what you feel is needed to keep your customers’ belongings safe while they shop and buy items from your store to check off their Christmas lists and fill Christmas stockings.

Call Edge CCTV to equip your parking lot with cameras so you can avert burglars during the holidays.

November 14,2018

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