How to Tell If a Security Camera Is Recording?

How to Tell If a Security Camera Is Recording?


You've invested in a security camera system to protect your property, but how can you be sure it's recording everything it's supposed to? Understanding whether your security cameras are actively recording is essential for ensuring safety and security. At Edge CCTV, we offer dependable security camera installation services for local clients, and we want to help ensure that your business security cameras are working at their best. Keep reading to learn about different methods to confirm your cameras capture every critical moment.

Check Indicator Lights

Most security cameras come with indicator lights that can be a quick tell-tale sign of recording. These lights, usually found on the camera's body, often change color or blink to indicate different operational modes. A solid green or blue light might mean the camera is actively recording, while a red light could indicate a standby mode.

Pay Attention to Icons and Alerts

When you access your camera through a connected monitor or interface, look for recording icons or text alerts. These might appear as a red dot, a traditional 'rec' symbol, or even explicit text saying 'recording.' These indicators are a straightforward way to confirm that your camera is capturing footage.

Take a Look at the DVR/NVR

Your Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder is where the magic happens. By checking these devices, you can directly see if the cameras are recording. Active channel indicators or live streaming previews are good signs that your cameras are recording.

Ensure Proper Configuration

It's essential to review your camera's recording settings regularly. Check if the recording schedules are set correctly and if any cameras are accidentally turned off or set to a non-recording mode.

Test the Motion Detector

Many security cameras have motion detection abilities that trigger recording. Test this feature by moving in front of the camera to see if it starts recording. Also, check the sensitivity settings to ensure they're not too low, missing important activity, or too high, causing unnecessary recordings.

The Playback Test

One of the most reliable ways to check if your camera is recording is to review the recorded footage. Access your DVR/NVR or app and look for recent recordings. This will not only confirm the recording but also give you an idea of video quality and coverage.

Storage Check

Regularly check the storage space of your recording device. If it's full, the camera might stop recording new footage. Ensure there's enough space or set up an auto-delete feature for older, less critical recordings.

Watch the Network

For IP-based security cameras, network activity can indicate recording status. Using network monitoring tools, you can see if your cameras are transmitting data, which usually means they are recording.

Read Your Camera's Manual

When in doubt, consult the user manual. It's the most reliable source for understanding the specific indicators and features of your security camera model.

Do You Need New Business Security Cameras?

Are you worried that your property's surveillance system is falling short? Keep your company safe and secure with state-of-the-art technology. At Edge CCTV, we offer reliable security solutions that can help you reach your goals. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to schedule a professional security camera installation.

January 15,2024

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How to Tell If a Security Camera Is Recording?


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