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How to Facilitate Comfort for Hotel Guests

In addition to the many joys of vacationing, staying in a hotel can often be a stressful time for anyone traveling — as they’re away from home, where their life and loved ones are — but does it have to be? Are there ways to facilitate the utmost amount of comfort possible for a guest? We’ve thrown together some tips!

Proper security.

No one is going to stay at a hotel with blind spots in their security cameras, or worse — no working security cameras AT ALL! Feeling secure is one of the biggest turn ons for picking the proper hotel, and with a full-coverage security system, you won’t have to worry about how good your security system may be (or what could happen if anyone found out about the blind spots), because it’ll be great!


As a hotel, things have to be clean in order for you to bring in guests, but there are some things that can be added for that extra feel of home. Try keeping the linens smelling like fresh laundry detergent. If you send the laundry out to a third party, then try spraying the room down with a natural room freshener to get rid of those cleaning smells. There’s something about certain smells that ease people’s travel-worn nerves. Keep a diffuser in the lobby, too, for an added sigh of relief.


Oftentimes, you’ll find heavy, dated polyester sheets covering your bed, which will leave you feeling uncomfortable as well as oftentimes sweaty and itchy. Try replacing these with higher-quality sheets in white or pastel colors, down comforters, and good, plump pillows. While white is also calming, guests can look at the sheets and comforter and KNOW it’s clean. It eases stress, and lets them relax.

A little something extra.

When walking into their room, it helps for the guests to find a little something extra waiting for them. It can be anything from a coupon, to fresh-baked cookies, flowers, or even a welcoming cocktail. This lets the guest know that they are a priority in your hotel, they are safe, and you and your staff will take care of them, call them a car, serve them dinner — whatever they need, you’re on it.

A good way to look at it is this: what do you want when you travel somewhere? You want to be comfortable, safe, and happy, right? Apply those wants and needs to what you ought to provide for your hotel guests, and it’s hard to go wrong!