How to Choose the Most Suitable CCTV Cameras

How to Choose the Most Suitable CCTV Cameras


How to Choose the Most Suitable CCTV Cameras 

Reliable security is critical for any business and keeping your business profitable means protecting your assets. Today’s cameras have features such as automatic mobile notifications and motion sensors. With advanced developments in technology, there are more effective ways to manage storage and recordings. Here’s how to choose the most suitable CCTV cameras.

Advantages of a Surveillance System

Business security camera systems in Birmingham help to deter criminals and also assist police officers with apprehending thieves. Surveillance systems also enhance accountability of employees, aid you in monitoring performance, and decrease your insurance costs. Even though the initial cost of installation may seem high, it’s beneficial in the long run.

Network Video Recorders vs. Digital Video Recorders

Every camera that is comprised of a system must have a central video recorder to transmit and archive video footage that is captured. DVR’s are the evolution of VCR equipment and NVRs offer the next level in video recording technology.

What to Consider When Choosing a System

Various security cameras have the capability of shooting in low-light infrared, which allows them to capture clear footage in low lighting. These cameras are reliant upon infrared LED lights which lighten up the darkened area in infrared light. The camera is capable of seeing the infrared light. When the wavelengths are reflected back, it looks like the camera is recording footage in an illuminated room.

Resolution is one of the most important factors when you’re choosing a camera. If you want a sharp image, you will need a camera that is able to shoot at least 720p high definition, also known as an IP camera.

Frame Rate:
This is another critical component of a camera. When the frame rate is higher, the video is smoother. The video is a sequence of still photos joined together to generate a motion picture. When the frame rate is low, the stills are taken in less frequency which results in lower-quality footage.

POE Switches

POE, also known as power-over-Ethernet, applies only to NVR systems. There are other components that are eliminated that would be necessary for a DVR system such as extra power sources and BNC cables. When you connect a POE switch to your network, you will have a power source and a way to transmit information to your NVR.

Wired vs. Wireless CCTV

You can choose to purchase wired or wireless security cameras based on the needs of your business. Wireless security cameras require less time to install and there is less drilling and wiring involved. All you need to do is place the cameras in the position you want and you are all set. With wired security cameras, they cannot easily be moved after CCTV installation services in Jacksonville.

Wired Security Cameras have More Stable Network Signal

Wired security cameras are directly connected to your network router which means that you will not need to be concerned about the loss of internet. Wireless security cameras are reliant upon a good WiFi signal to work properly and sometimes the WiFi signal is weak.

Cameras for Areas without Power and Internet

Wire-free surveillance cameras may be your best option if you’re operating in an area that does not have internet access. Battery powered wireless security cameras allow you to obtain motion videos when motion occurs in the area. You have the option to play back recorded videos to see what and who triggered the alarms. It’s best to contact a security camera installation service in Birmingham to ensure the system is properly installed.

If you would like to learn more about how CCTV cameras can help protect your business, give the experts at Edge CCTV a call.

January 15,2019

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