How Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent Crime

How Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent Crime


Surveillance camera systems are an integral part of security for business owners. They are an extra set of eyes to document and record what is happening over the counter and in the aisles on your commercial property both during and after business hours. Video surveillance cameras have been around for years, recording activity from within your business. A surveillance camera posted outside your business acts as a deterrent to trespassers, burglars, vandals, and other unsavory characters. Advances in technology can enable business owners to integrate video feeds into the security system, giving you the ability to view any part of your business in real time from a television, computer, or smartphone. People targeting a potential opportunity will think twice about breaking in or causing damage when the owner is possibly watching. There are substantial benefits to purchasing a surveillance camera system in Orlando if you are a business owner. Deterrence is just one of them.

Video Deterrence

According to a highly cited report by researchers at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, office park suites, retail shops, and single-office buildings have the highest burglary rates among businesses. The 2012 study on the decision-making processes of over 400 incarcerated burglars states that a majority of the respondents took into account the presence of alarms when looking at a commercial property as an opportunity. Your business property is likely protected by reinforced doors, window gates or bars, and a security system comprised of motion detectors and an alarm to alert authorities of a crime in progress. Adding surveillance cameras provides an extra level of security to your business. There is another area where surveillance cameras make a difference. Not every burglar is stopped by the presence of cameras. Those brazen enough to break into a business under surveillance risk being recorded and having footage of their activities made available to the local police. Your video footage can help police identify thieves and burglars who target your commercial property or office space. Those contemplating burglarizing a building equipped with video surveillance will think twice about doing it.

Visible Security

As a business owner you should seriously consider installing a surveillance camera system at your commercial property or office complex and ensure it is visible. Install your security camera in an area of the building high enough off the ground so that it cannot be tampered with. A trained security system professional can advise you about what equipment to select and install and how to ensure your business security camera system works effectively. It is important to consider the investment you’ve made in your business and the loss potential from leaving it vulnerable to thieves, burglars, or vandals. Not every criminal is deterred by security surveillance, but it is best to take precautions for whatever happens. Having a surveillance camera system installed in your Atlanta commercial or office property can make a significant difference in the protection for your business.

January 15,2018

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