How to Inspire Employees to Care About Your Business

How to Inspire Employees to Care About Your Business


When you enter a business, it doesn’t take long to discover if the employees care about the establishment or appear to be totally disengaged and unhappy. It’s an impressive and impactful experience when you find that business gem that has an entire staff that is upbeat and pulling in the same direction. But it’s unfortunately increasingly uncommon to run across workers who truly care about the business they are representing. That leads to the million-dollar question: How can you help your employees care about your business, almost as much as you do?

Show your employees you care

If you want your employees to care about your business, you need to show you care about them. This is the first step in developing workers who will look out for your establishment almost as if it is their own.  How can you go about this? First, when they reach goals, make sure you acknowledge their success. Ignoring achievements will make your employees feel under appreciated. Next, get to know your employees. Listen to them and genuinely show interest in their lives. This will go a long way in growing relationships that will take your business to the next level. Finally, remember their names. Remembering your employees’ names will show them that you have made a real effort to connect.

Keep your employees accountable

Connecting and maintaining a positive relationship with your employees is vital but you also have to hold your workers accountable. You want respect that goes both ways and allowing employees to push the limits without ramifications harms your business and ultimately your professional relationship. Make sure you have expectations clearly defined and follow through when a change of direction is needed. They will respect your authority and in reality, this can further progress a positive workplace relationship.

Promote a positive work environment

A study revealed that a stressful, poor work environment can increase voluntary turnover by nearly 50%. Promoting a healthy, positive work environment equals more engaged employees that will work hard for their own success along with your establishment’s. Show your employees you appreciate them with positive reinforcement. Encourage a happy workplace by greeting and smiling at your employees.  And always celebrate wins.

Empower your employees

Build trust with your employees and allow them to make decisions. Empowered employees will feel more connected to your business. However, this should be done within a set, clearly communicated structure. While you want your employees to have freedom you also want to set them up for success. Allowing decision making without a proper structure can derail your intentions. Communication needs to be a two-way endeavor. You set the standards and your employees must provide feedback and ask for help when needed.

Following these tips can help lead your company to mirror those successful establishments with employees who love their workplace. Employees that provide stellar service to your customers and will always have your business’s best interests at heart.

November 24,2019

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