Hilarious Burglaries Gone Wrong on Camera

Hilarious Burglaries Gone Wrong on Camera


Hilarious Burglaries Gone Wrong on Camera

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from surveillance cameras, it’s that robbers are not that smart. Not everyone who embarks on a life of crime is a criminal mastermind. Usually, they do not put a lot of thought into it and thanks to video monitoring, the proof is readily available all over the internet. So, if you’re interested in business security camera system installation in Columbus, you might discover some of the most hilarious criminals out there.

Ain’t That a Brick in the Head?

Sometimes, a plot is foiled after a few months of investigation by the FBI. Other times, perhaps a couple weeks of law enforcement will find the culprit. In this instance, the attempted robbery lasted all of 3 seconds. Let’s hope he had a helmet on beneath that hoodie.


Fun with Bricks Part II

Not every window explodes in a hail of glass like they do in the movies. Thanks to modern engineering, glass isn’t necessarily breakable at all. In fact, sometimes it’s shockingly resilient. Bouncy even!


Sometimes, It’s Just Not Your Day

You almost feel bad for this guy. Besides being a criminal, he’s being punished for having faith in the safety of modern architecture that was unwarranted. You’d think a ceiling could withstand the weight of a human being, but, alas, standards aren’t what they used to be. And remember kids: never stand on a ladder’s top step. That’s safety rule number one.


Foiled by a Glass Door

There’s a recurring theme here that sometimes the best defense against burglary is the bouncing and shattering effect glass has when stuff is thrown at it. In this instance, the breaking of the glass terrorized our burglar into fleeing the scene instantly. He gets extra points, however, for covering his face after clearing looking through the window. I guess we were supposed to believe that first big guy in pajama pants is different than the 2nd big guy in pajama pants.


Wrong House, Wrong Time

You don’t have to have a paratrooper standing guard over your house, but it helps. This particular robber might want to learn about the benefits of “casing a joint,” so he can avoid breaking into houses where the occupants can soundly beat you to a pulp.


When You Need a Professional Driver

Drivers seen in movies are pretty cool characters. They can do all sorts of neat spins and drift moves. They’re also probably pretty expensive, so these guys chose not to hire a driver and drive themselves instead. That’s where the attempted robbery ends.


As you research retail security systems, remember it’s not all about security. There’s some comedy to be had as well.

April 05,2018

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