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Hospitals, pharmacies, and family care physicians all have a common goal: helping people become healthy when they’re ill. Healthcare security systems are essential to providing safe care. The experts at Edge CCTV can step in to provide the security protection that healthcare providers need to maintain and defend the integrity of their business and enable effective prevention against general security threats.

How does one go about getting the right security system in place? Edge CCTV can strategize around your needs, install the cameras and other components of the healthcare surveillance system, and provide a means for footage management for your healthcare security cameras, so that you can obtain all your security needs from one expert source in Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbia, and Marietta. Video surveillance for healthcare is essential for the safety of your business and personnel.

If you have questions about workplace security, contact the Edge team today to get started on the road to a more secure healthcare location.


    Healthcare Surveillance - Atlanta


    It’s an unfortunate truth that doctors and pharmacists are often accused of medical malpractice. One way to defend against such claims is through the use of security cameras. Having the footage to back up your side of the story is highly effective to help healthcare providers stand up against accusations of malpractice.

    The constant presence of security cameras can provide patients extra assurance that the medical professionals attending to them are truly providing quality care. There’s a sense that, with their work being observed, medical staff won’t skimp on effort or any necessary steps to provide quality care for patients. This can be incredibly reassuring.


    Unfortunately, healthcare providers can be at risk of encountering general security and safety issues. A patient may be unsatisfied with their care. An addict may be demanding prescriptions that cannot or should not be provided. A former patient may have a violent grievance about a high medical bill. All of these issues can result in your workplace becoming threatened—but through the use of security footage, you can deter these instances from occurring, and you can also provide a record of them to protect your staff and your establishment. This is the kind of invaluable security support that Edge CCTV is here to provide.


    If you’re considering upgrading or installing security for the first time in your healthcare location, let Edge CCTV come to your aid. Our team of professionals will strategize the right solution to keep your team safe and your patients feeling secure with an easy-to- manage system.