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Funny and Strange Photos Caught on Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras and surveillance systems are not just a luxury. For a business, they’re a necessity. Business owners must have the ability to keep an eye on what goes on not only after hours, but even during normal business hours. Most people are used to the idea of security cameras everywhere and go about their business without giving much thought to the eyes that are always watching. Others, if they realized their behaviors were caught on video, might be completely embarrassed. Read more to find out about some of the funny and strange photos caught on surveillance cameras.

Bears on Camera

Restaurant staff in Colorado couldn’t understand why the trash dumpsters behind the restaurant were being moved every night. When they finally decided to look at their security system video feed, they discovered an unexpected culprit. Each night, a bear visited the dumpster area. The bear stood on its hind legs and used the front paws to grab the dumpster. The bear then dragged the dumpster by holding on to it and walking backwards. After moving the dumpster to a more convenient area, the bear was able to open it and sample whatever treats had been tossed in. The bear with a taste for German food not only became a regular customer, it made the nightly news. In this case, the restaurant was able to use the security cameras to see that their current trash disposal system was inviting bears to come and help themselves, which could have been deadly for restaurant staff or guests. Hopefully, they were able to use video footage to create a better security plan for their dumpster area.

Are Horses Welcome in Police Stations?

A British police station had a neighborhood horse walk through the front doors. It’s not known whether the horse was lured in, or just happened to wander down the street from its owner’s home. Either way, this horse was caught on camera. All police stations have video security cameras, but do all businesses? Imagine if your business played host to an un-invited visitor who ended up stealing or vandalizing the business. Without security cameras, the odds of the thief being apprehended are close to zero. The horse at the police station was known by the officers as it belonged to a neighborhood resident. Ensure that you know who visits your location by installing business video surveillance in AtlantaIf you happen to have a horse drop by, you’ll have a funny story to tell. If it’s a vandal, you’ll have the proof you need to tell the story to the police.

Even though it’s amusing to see animals making themselves at home in public places, or visiting police stations, it’s not so funny when a business suffers a loss from a person who breaks in, or from an unscrupulous employee. All businesses need business video security systems in Atlanta. It makes sense because a security camera system protects not just the business owner, but customers. If you’ve not installed a system in your business, don’t wait another day!