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Firework Fails Caught on Camera

As we approach another July 4th, it’s important to exercise extreme caution with fireworks at all times. Not only can they be dangerous, but if there’s a security camera in the area, any mishaps can also be very embarrassing. Since more and more businesses are purchasing CCTV installation services, and there are many people that don’t know how to deal with fireworks, videos like these will probably only become more commonplace.

“That Was a Very Bad Idea.”

It’s hard to say what spectacular fireworks display these two fellas were trying to accomplish, but whatever it was, it didn’t work. They did, however, almost set a tree ablaze. One of the gentlemen gives a negative review of their endeavor at the 17 second mark. And he’s right. Almost setting the entire neighborhood on fire was “a very bad idea.”

Everything Was Going So Well

What an idyllic scene! In a pretty little neighborhood on a warm summer’s evening a kid’s basketball game is suddenly interrupted by two yahoos setting a box of fireworks on fire. Once the box tips over, it’s anyone’s guess where the fireworks will end up, so all anyone can do is run for shelter. Maybe the “launch fireworks from a box” plan wasn’t as clever as you thought it was.

You Might Want to Clear the Area

A lot of thought and preparation appeared to go into this little fireworks show. They set up their little display, lit the fireworks, then stepped back. The only problem is the fireworks jumped right past those guys and onto the people behind them. Sometimes, a little common courtesy like saying “Excuse us” or “Pardon us” or “You might want to run for your lives because we’re going to be igniting explosives right now” can go a long way.

There Is Such a Thing as Too Many Fireworks

Fireworks aren’t like Halloween candy. Whereas 20 candy bars are definitely better than three, 100 fireworks aren’t necessarily better than 10 – especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s at about the 12-second mark wh