Essential Tips to Protect Your Business Against Theft

Essential Tips to Protect Your Business Against Theft


Essential Tips to Protect Your Business Against Theft 

As a business owner with a lot on your mind, the last thing you need to worry about is falling victim to theft. The physical security of your business is something you can’t afford to overlook when it comes to keeping your assets safe. 

Your business needs to be protected at all times so that you can have peace of mind while managing your daily work activities. The importance of a security camera system installation for your business can never be emphasized enough. You would also need to provide exceptional customer service to improve your business’s security posture and keep it safe from theft at all times.  

If you’re ready to take your business’s physical security to the next level, read on for essential tips to protect your business against theft!

Tip 1: Install a Security Camera System

It’s practically impossible to ensure the physical security of your business without a security camera system. If you’re a business owner who runs on-site operations, your first step when it comes to preventing theft is installing a system of security cameras. 

video surveillance system makes it easy to monitor suspicious activity at all hours of the day. It is crucial in deterring criminals and recording video footage of criminals who trespass on the site.

Tip 2: Keep Track of Your Inventory and Investigate Discrepancies 

You can’t maintain loss prevention without keeping an eye on your inventory for discrepancies. Many business owners make the mistake of paying too much attention to video surveillance and too little attention to their inventory of products. 

Regularly track your inventory so that you can quickly spot discrepancies when they arise. It becomes much harder to notice discrepancies that indicate potential theft if you don’t start with a concrete baseline. 

Tip 3: Provide Great Customer Service

Great customer service can lead to a lower rate of theft from your business. When you make your customers happy with consistently good customer service, you encourage them to keep coming back to purchase more of what you have to offer. 

If your customer service is lacking, there is a higher chance of would-be criminals beginning to shoplift from your business. 

Tip 4: Conduct Reference/Background Checks When Hiring

The hiring process can indeed become time-consuming, but it’s important that busy business owners, like yourself, maintain a process to conduct reference and background checks as part of the overall hiring process. 

Every time that you’re considering hiring a new employee, make sure that you conduct a thorough and detailed background check, looking into criminal records and previous instances of internal theft.

Tip 5: Be Clear About Theft Policies

Last but not least, being as clear as possible about your theft policies is very important. It’s vital to maintain theft policies that hold your employees accountable and discourage instances of internal theft. 

A popular way to further discourage theft is by making employees responsible, for example, for paying any difference at the end of a shift if you discover that your register is short on cash.

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Protecting your business from theft doesn’t stop here. Along with the aforementioned tips, it’s imperative that you continuously strengthen your business’s protective measures against theft to maintain loss prevention and keep your assets secure.

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June 03,2021

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