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Most Embarrassing Things Caught on Video Surveillance

Usually, retail security systems in Atlanta and elsewhere operate to deter thieves and encourage employees to be on their best behavior. Sometimes, they instead catch some of the funniest, most unexpected moments. Here are just a few things video surveillance has caught on camera before.

Texting and Walking

Not everyone can multitask well. That was certainly true for Cathy A. Cruz, who had an experience in a mall that got caught on surveillance and then went viral online. She was texting while walking, and then proceeded to fall into the mall water fountain. Slips, trips, and falls are unfortunate for the culprits, but hilarious for an innocent bystander.

The Plastic Bag Bandit

Yes—it really happened. A man attempted to rob a convenience store while wearing a transparent plastic bag over his head. Actually, this type of practice has been done by many a pickpocket, including a man named Anthony Riegal in downtown Pittsburgh. No telling yet if plastic bags are officially the new ski mask.

Unexpected Dancing

When people feel good, sometimes they just want to dance. Perhaps it’s an employee getting their groove on during after-hours cleanup, or perhaps it’s a police officer who just feels really good about a song blaring over your speakers. Either way, a sudden dance scene may just be the next highlight of your video surveillance efforts. In the case of a flash mob… prepare yourself.

Animal Capers

KSL5 TV shared a strange surveillance video with viewers that had taken part in a local grocery store, showing an unexpected shoplifter. It was the Christmas season, and while other shoppers were preparing for their holiday, a full-grown husky decided to take Christmas into his own paws. He walked into the store alone and headed straight for the aisle where the dog toys were waiting. Without hesitation, the dog snatched up a rawhide bone, and then proceeded on out of the store. A manager tried to stop the determined pup, but thought better of it, so this animal bandit got away unscathed.

Glass Fortress

It’s good to keep your facilities clean. Sometimes, squeaky clean glass can be confusing. As in—sometimes, when a customer cannot see the glass wall or door in front of them, they will run right into it. Scores of unfortunate souls have been victims of such an innocent crime. If you’re a little too careful with your glass cleaning, you might find a few of these blips popping up on your security footage.

Make sure that you and your team are ready for all the crazy things you just might capture on screen whenever you switch to Edge CCTV for your professional retail security system in Atlanta.