Effective Tips to Improve School Safety 

Effective Tips to Improve School Safety 


Effective Tips to Improve School Safety 

Keeping schools safe is a topic we hear a lot about these days, though there doesn’t seem to be an easy, one-size-fits-all solution. This is an issue that affects a lot of people in various degrees from students and parents to teachers and administrators. But where should you get started? Here are a few suggestions about what you can do to improve security in your school.

Create an Emergency Plan

If your school doesn’t already have one, you should develop a strategy for crisis planning and preparedness training. The plan should detail procedures for lockdowns, evacuations, emergency communication, and parent-student reunification. Share the plan with administrators, teachers, and parents. Be sure to train your employees on the plans as well as run simulated drills and respond to questions from students and parents.

Limit Entrances

During school hours, limit the number of entrances people can use to get into the school. Mark the main entryway and hang signs that direct visitors to the main entrance. Keep other doors locked and check them regularly to ensure that the locks still work. Be sure to check the locks on the windows as well. At the main entryway, you may also want to install metal detectors. This will prevent students, faculty, and visitors from bringing prohibited items into the school.

Install Security Cameras

One of the best ways to make your school safer is by installing cameras at strategic locations inside and outside the building. School security cameras in Orlando should be placed by all school entrances, entrances to the property, and in the parking lots. Many camera systems these days integrate digital video recorders, which are capable of triggering alarm relays or sending alerts when motion is detected in a specific area. With security cameras, you can create a safe environment for everyone in the building.


Monitor the Property

Though security cameras are a great tool for monitoring, there are other methods you can use too. If it’s possible, hire someone to monitor the parking lot and supervise the people who enter and leave the campus. You should also monitor common areas where students spend a lot of time like cafeterias, hallways, and outdoor spaces. These staff members should be there to supervise the students and make them feel at ease. You may also want to think about adding the presence of security guards or local police. This can send a strong message to those who intend to cause harm.

Employ an ID Policy

Create ID badges for administrators, staff members, students, and visitors and implement a policy that requires them to wear the badges at all times while on school property. You should also create a protocol for dealing with unidentified people in the school, too. This can make for both a safer and friendlier environment for all.

Foster a Supportive Environment

Throughout the school, create a caring and safe space where students can feel comfortable talking to an adult. Create a supportive school climate by setting behavioral expectations, offering counseling services, and establishing violence prevention programs. Set up a student hotline or suggestion box where students can anonymously speak up about potentially dangerous situations.

Contact us Edge CCTV for more information on how to keep your school safer in the upcoming year.

January 08,2019

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