DIY CCTV versus professional installation

DIY CCTV versus professional installation


You’ve done the research, poured over the numbers, and the results are unanimous; it’s time to invest in a new CCTV system. But while you were perusing website after website seeking CCTV guidance, one part is still a mystery. Should you break out your toolbelt and dive into a DIY installation, or should you hire a seasoned professional? Many factors go into such an important decision, and that’s why we will analyze each choice providing the good and bad of both options.

Budget consideration

As with most decisions, money is always a factor. So, if you are operating with a tight budget, at first glance a self-install may seem like the wise option. This is true when it comes to labor. In most cases, labor is free when you opt for a DIY solution (unless you hire some friends to help you). But not so fast. True, your labor cost may be less, but you may end up paying significantly more for the necessary CCTV equipment. Therefore, before you reach for your favorite screwdriver, do your research. You may be in for a surprise when you calculate the true cost of a self-install.

Equipment choice

No matter how many articles, forums, and manuals you read, selecting the right equipment for your security situation is not easy. This is where hiring an expert to not only install, but to assess your needs, is vital. You may be handy with tools, but do you really understand the importance of choosing the correct equipment? It takes a bit more know-how than watching a YouTube video alone. And security is far too important to leave to chance.

Camera positioning

Another important part of CCTV installation is camera positioning. This may seem like a simple concept, but there are many factors that go into finding the best locations for your cameras. Each situation has its unique challenges. Everything from the industry you operate within to the shape of your building can affect how each camera is placed to offer the best protection for your facility.


This is an often-overlooked factor in choosing between DIY installation versus hiring a professional. After the initial setup who is going to maintain your system? Do you have the time and the expertise to keep your system up and running? Let’s focus on the first part of the prior sentence, time. Your time is precious and is better spent on handling the most important tasks related to your business. Wasting hours researching and then performing maintenance can be frustrating to a layman. Imagine instead, contacting an expert and having your system maintained and enabled to run smoothly 24/7. That sounds like a better option.

We think it’s clear, professional installation is the best choice when it comes to implementing a CCTV solution. But whether you eventually opt for a DIY install or you partner with a professional, CCTV is a great investment.

October 12,2020

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