Did you know? A few cool facts about CCTV

Did you know? A few cool facts about CCTV


They are everywhere, but we are so used to them we barely notice their existence. CCTV cameras work in the background, keeping our homes and businesses safe, with hardly a thought. So, it is time to shine the spotlight on these modern sentries and dive into a few cool facts. Let us start at the very beginning.


The first CCTV was developed by Walter Bruch in Germany. However, the purpose of this system was not for security. Instead, it was utilized to monitor V2 rocket launches.  It was not until approximately five years later that CCTV arrived in the US.

770 million cameras

From a single camera viewing rocket launches to over a quarter billion in operation today. And of those 770 million surveillance cameras, more than half are found in China (CNBC). Drilling down even further, Beijing has 1.15 million alone (US News).

Look kids Big Ben, and CCTV

Beijing may take the cake when it comes to the total number of CCTV cameras, but London is not too far behind. The capital of England has an impressive one camera for every 13 citizens. An important note, not all the cameras are government-operated. This number includes a mix of private and business as well. Regardless, this makes London one of the most surveilled cities in the world.

Atlanta is the only US city in the top ten

While you have Georgia on your mind, you may be watched by CCTV cameras. The only U.S. city in the top ten when it comes to CCTV camera usage is Atlanta. How many? It is estimated that Atlanta has over 15 cameras in operation for every 1,000 people. 

You may not notice them, but burglars do

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina revealed that 60% of convicted burglars scout locations for CCTV. Forty percent of those burglars would go elsewhere if they noticed cameras.  A little prevention goes a long way.

And CCTV notices you

A safety.com study revealed some surprising stats on how many times you appear on camera. On average, the average U.S. citizen is caught on camera 34 times per day (pre-COVID-19 most likely).  While you are shopping, you are captured on CCTV 24 times per week.  And finally, the newer doorbell camera technology is doing its job as well. These innovative devices see you 14 times per day.

Now that you know a few cool facts about CCTV, maybe it is time you leverage this security powerhouse for your own business. Contact us today and we will set up a free demo. We look forward to hearing from you. And remember to smile when you are out, you are probably on camera.

December 08,2020

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