How Cameras Wage Psychological War on Criminals 

How Cameras Wage Psychological War on Criminals 


How Cameras Wage Psychological War on Criminals 

Having retail store security cameras in Birmingham or cameras for any type of business really is a smart idea. It can protect you and your family from serious harm, vandalism, and theft. It can make you feel more secure that your business is safe and protected and that you won’t ever have that immense feeling of violation that comes when your business has been broken into. Here are some of the different ways that camera surveillance is waging psychological warfare on would be criminals.

Deter outside Criminal Activity

Cameras make people nervous, and criminals are no different. When people know that they’re being watched by a camera, they’re less likely to do something illegal. If you’re in a retail store and have cameras placed throughout the store and outside, people will be more aware that they’re being watched and will be less likely to steal.

Watch Your Employees

The same idea applies to your employees. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, 75% of employees steal from their employers. You can protect your business from the inside out by installing security cameras and letting employees know their actions are being recorded.

Place Them Discreetly

If you place your cameras in discreet locations, you can monitor your business in a less conspicuous manner. If they don’t know where the cameras are, but know they’re being watched, then all you have to do is post notices that the location is under camera surveillance and people going in and out of your business, whether personnel, clientele, or visiting guests are more likely to be on their best behavior.

Keep More Accurate Records

If you’re suspicious of something that may be going on at your business after hours, for instance, you will have an actual indisputable record to go off of. If you have employees consistently fudging their time cards, you’re able to go back and view security tapes to keep record of their comings and goings.

Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits

People will be less likely to file frivolous lawsuits if they know that you have video or photographic evidence of what actually happened. If someone claims to have suffered a personal injury because of icy steps outside your office location, security cameras would show whether these claims were valid or not. This protects your business and your good name and reputation from lawsuits that could have been prevented.

Whether you’re actually worried about the safety and security of your business and its assets, installing small business security cameras in Marietta is a bright idea no matter which way you look at it. When it comes to your business and its security, you can never be too careful.

May 15,2018

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