Bizarre Crimes Solved by CCTV

Bizarre Crimes Solved by CCTV


Just about everyone acknowledges that CCTV is a crime deterrent. You truly must be a very stupid criminal to commit a crime in front of one. Getting security cameras installed, for example, will ensure any crimes that happen on your property are recorded both for evidence as well as to help apprehend the perpetrators. Here are some examples of criminals who thought they could get away with crime, only to find out CCTV was on the job and their days of freedom were numbered.

Tinfoil Follies

Shoplifters often try to wrap security tags in tinfoil to try and trick wireless monitors. It has worked on rare occasions. The principle behind it is that the tinfoil creates a Faraday cage of sorts that blocks all wireless signals. In Brazil, several bank robbers took this concept to the extreme and wrapped themselves in tinfoil, thinking it would block the bank’s security systems. While the “tinfoil will make me invisible” scheme was suspect enough, the robbers did not plan on the bank’s security cameras. The bank’s central monitoring system recorded them knocking down a wall and crawling across the floor to the vault. Their two lookouts didn’t account for the security system. In the midst of their robbery the CCTV system alerted police. All four of these knuckleheaded criminals were apprehended, thanks in no small part to the bank’s business security cameras.

A Cheesy Assault

In this case, a woman at a convenience store became irate when a clerk asked her to not open the store’s hot cheese dispenser. While that was bizarre enough, things took a turn for the truly odd when the customer threw a cup of hot cheese at the clerk when the clerk refused to ring up her order. Police reviewed security camera footage and witnessed the entire assault. The customer, who was waiting outside when police arrived was arrested. Getting CCTV installation services for your store here in Atlanta, as this proves, can help catch customers who take things way too far.

Cattle Thieves

A cattle owner in Auburndale, Florida, reported to police that several his cattle had gone missing. They were in his pasture and then one morning, they were not. Police investigated but were stumped. One week later a traffic light security camera caught a moving vehicle with what appeared to be livestock in the back. Upon investigation, law enforcement was able to identify distinguishing marks on the livestock, which was revealed to be the rancher’s missing cattle. Eventually, the modern-day rustlers were caught and put in jail after trying to sell the cattle at an auction. When you consider what security camera installation service in Atlanta can avoid and even help in terms of solving crime, there really is no good reason why you should not have a security monitoring system installed at your place of business. If CCTV can solve these weird crimes, imagine what they can do with more mundane criminal acts.

October 23,2018

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