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Best Drivers Caught on Tape

We’ve all had those days. Everything seems to be going along great, then “BAM!”, you walk into a parking meter. Now, imagine doing that with a car. Or better yet, let’s watch it happen to other people. And who knows? After you install your own surveillance camera system in Marietta, you might be able to capture your own viral video.

The Very Express Car Wash

This driver seems to be mistaking this car wash for the Indy 500. Maybe he or she was in a hurry, but your car is never going to get clean if you drive through it at 50 mph and run over the equipment. That lady running the car wash deserves hazard pay.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Just Keep Smashing Your Truck into Stuff

Truck drivers are the kings of the road. Possessed of a solid work ethic, and required to log long hours of training behind the wheel of a big rig before ever being allowed on the highway, they are some of the best drivers on Earth. And then, there’s this guy. You can almost imagine him saying “Easy… easy… and… got it!” as he destroys everything in his path.

One of the worst backing jobs I have ever seen.

Yeah, That Delivery’s Not Going to Make It on Time

Another unlucky truck driver. It’s going to be hard to blame this on highway bandits when you can clearly see the trailer becoming unattached on its own. He probably should have checked if it was hooked up in advance. It’s going to be hard to fix it now that his cargo is sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Not a Professional Stunt Man

Remember Evel Knievel? Remember how he could perform all these death defying tricks, and perform amazing wheelies and jumps on his motorcycle? Well, this isn’t him. It’s embarrassing enough being smooshed by your own motorcycle. Lucky for him, no one saw it. Except for everyone, because it was caught on a surveillance camera.

Perfecting the 3-Point Turn

Everyone has to learn the 3-point turn just to get around tough spots. This isn’t that. We lost count at 25, so let’s call it a 25-point turn. It takes a while to watch the whole thing, but it’s worth the effort.

Local Driver Terrorizes Truck Stop

Backing up a big rig into a small space is one of the toughest things a driver can do. Still, this guy is not a good driver. Kids take note: bumping up against the same the same truck over and over doesn’t work.

Having business security cameras installed in Marietta does more than protect your business – it can result in some pretty hilarious videos as well.