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7 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key

You just arrived home from taking a nice, long walk around your neighborhood. How refreshing. But as you reach into your pocket for your house key, it’s not there. Thankfully, you have hidden a key outside of your home, so no worries, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Even though in this instance, having a hidden key saves the day, understand that thieves are quite aware of this as well. Here are seven areas you should never hide your key. (psst you really shouldn’t hide a key anywhere outside of your home)

Under your doormat

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The ole key under the doormat routine. By now pretty much everyone knows to look for a key under a doormat. That’s why it’s a horrible idea to hide one there.

Under a rock or in a fake rock

This would be the second place a thief would look. And forget about those fake rocks. They look fake and, again, anyone who has any experience entering homes would look for one.

In or under a potted plant

Look someone is growing some delicious peppers and an easy way to break into their home. Unlike those spicy peppers, hiding a key in a plant is not a hot idea.

Behind a light

For a second it may seem like the perfect hiding spot for a key. It’s at eye level and really you can’t see it unless you know where you’re looking. Yeah, that makes it a terrible spot to hide a key.

In a rain gutter

For one, when it rains, there’s a chance your back up key will wash away. Two, it’s hard to be discreet when you’re climbing a stepstool and rooting around your gutter for a key. Not a great hiding a place.

The mailbox

Special delivery for thieves! An easy way to get into your home.

Above your front door

What thief would dare to look above the door? You know the door that leads into your home.

At some point we all do it. Losing or forgetting our house key. So, what can you do instead of hiding a house key?  Shop around for a good smart or combination lock. There is one for just about every budget. Now go out and throw away that fake rock.